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Eden Project by Geraint Clarke - iPhone Magic Tricks DVD



The Eden Project is a collection of 3 Powerful Magic Tricks using the iPhone

G. Clarke, teaches you 3 incredibly practical mentalism magic tricks that can be built together, or presented individually to create an organic, modern masterpiece of close up magic .

Ask a spectator if they have a passcode or lock pin for their iPhone. You then reveal that thought of number even though you didn't ask the spectator to write it. It's quick, easy and fun to perform this close up.

A diabolical new method for the add a number magic trick. Invite several spectators to type in a number of their choice into the iPhone calculator, and multiply all their results together. The result is ALWAYS a number you've predicted in advance. It could also be your telephone number. This remake of the popular TOXIC technique means that the spectators can make mistakes, change their mind, choose to add, subtract or divide their numbers, yet it will ALWAYS result in YOUR number. No TOXIC set-up or memory recall is needed.

FATE 2.0:
After releasing the first version of this magic trick in November 2011, it soon became a best selling trick. Originally it was a method to divine the Shuffled order of songs on their iPhone music library. However this has just been redeveloped into a STRONGER, MORE POWERFUL magic trick by making it a pure mind-reading magic demonstration. Several spectators are asked to think of a random song from a Borrowed iPhone, and with the iPhone locked and hidden away in someones pocket, you can instantly reveal each spectators selection. It's that good.

"Fate is how real mind reading should look ..." - Justin Miller

"I love, love, love this magic trick" - Jonathan Bayme