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Duped - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Cameron Francis

Looking for a killer card effect that's practical, that instantly resets and can be done completely in the hands without a table? Then Duped is the trick you've been searching for!


A card is selected, noted and lost in the pack. We'll say this card is the Eight of Clubs. The magician then pulls out a packet of four cards. He turns over the top card, a Two of Hearts, and slips it into the middle of the packet. It instantly rises to the top. This is repeated two more times. The magician says, “When I do this, people assume that I use duplicates. Well, they’re right.” All the cards are shown to be Two of Hearts, but now they all have “DUPLICATE” printed across their faces! Acknowledging that using dupes is not the most magical thing in the world, the magician causes all the cards to turn into Jokers, except one face-down card. The card is snapped face up. It is an Eight of Clubs with DUPLICATE printed across its face! 

Easy to do!

Uses normal cards!

No table needed!

Instant Reset!

Bonus Impromptu Handling Included!





TYPE:  PDF Ebook for Mac and PC - 7 Pages With Full Colour Photos

DELIVERY: Electronic/Instant download (worldwide)

Magic Tricks Difficulty level 2 (Basic sleights)

FILE SHARING TRACKING/PROTECTION: Embedded watermark customer details