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Dual Cyclone - Paul Knight



By Paul Knight



"Paul Knight has taken a clever ploy, and made it into an even more clever ploy! If you would like to make any card thought of appear in your pocket without an index or palming, this might ne your answer." Peter Duffie

The Effect

The magician has two cards in his pocket. The pocket is shown otherwise empty.

A spectator is invited to `physically` select either card without looking at the cards face. Then the spectator mentally selects and names any card.

The magician explains that this is an experiment in physical and mental abilities.

He states that he knew they would pick this card.The chosen card is turned face up to reveal a prediction: -


The magician explains that they could have chosen to `physically` remove either card.

The magician points out that if the spectator had chosen to remove the other card, well, that would have just been insane, because that was the card they selected `mentally`!

The spectator removes the only card in the magicians pocket.

It is their mental selection!


Can the spectator think of ANY card?
Yes! Any card can be thought of. It will always be their card!

Will I have to do complex sleight of hand?
NO! No palming. No forcing. Duel Cyclone is easy to do.

Will I have to carry around gimmicked or stacked decks?
NOPE! No rough and smooth. No Indexes. Use Duel Cyclone with your own standard decks of bicycle playing cards. just add the 'special something' provided, that makes this killer effect possible.

Do I have to hide loads of extra cards in my pockets?
No! That's just one of the reasons this effect is perfect for real world use. Only two cards are in the pocket at the beginning and only one card in the pocket at the end!

If it really is that clean, It can't be possible for the spectators to handle the cards...can it?
yes it really is that clean! The spectator removes both cards!

Is it suitable for real world working magicians?
YES! It resets instantly and can be performed anywhere!

Comes complete with detailed photo illustrated instructions and two special cards to add into your own Bicycle Playing Card decks (Bicycle Playing cards are also sold here)

Take the 'Any Card to Pocket' effect. Remove all the hassle, all the complex sleight of hand, all the index work, all the gaffed up to the eyeballs deck, all the long resets, all the palming and forces and you have Duel Cyclone!

"I have it and its very good. Its nice in that all you need is 2 cards in your top pocket and you can se any deck any time in any condition. There is nothing new here in terms of principles or sleights and in fact its one of those tricks that makes you think "***, why didn't I think of that". ButI did try it out a few times over the weekend at various paid gigs and the reactions are strong. I applied Jay Sankey's Beginner versus Professional presentation to the trick which works well. When you get them to pull out the card that has been in your pocket the whole time and it is there mental selection - that's a strong moment.

8 1/2 out of 10" Craig Petty (Posted on

"I've yet to perform this effect but was very impressed with it. It's one that I will be using and one I can't imagine many people being sorry they bought it. If you like the effect, buy it." Ethan ( Posted on

"The manuscript comes with a beginners handling and an advanced, but I have changed the handling to suit myself, and I will be using this at all my gigs from now on, I like it, and its a quick, fun trick, that WILL KILL!!" C Wiliams UK

"The more I perform this trick, the more I appreciate how mind bogglingly good it is. I have just come back from a champagne reception at a hotel in Birmingham and did this effect at least 15 times. It kills. I normally do very little card work (I am more of a coin worker) however this is too good not to do. It has the power of the invisible deck, a spectator names a card and you show that card is the only card in your pocket - that's the effect on the spectator. This is most definetly a closer. I imagine this would be a great effect to perform if you had a person burning your hands. My advise if you want a great solid effect buy this straight away - I promise you will not regret it. C Petty (Addition to review on

"Craig says its a closer, I say its an opener as well!!! I performed it at my last 3 gigs, and am performing it tonight. On Martin Sandersons Business DVD, he talks about using the owner of the companys name, and say they personally have askedyou to read someones mind, so that is what you shall do. It is a great little trick, and can be used at ANY point in your act. Even in your ACR, if you lose the card acidentally" C Williams

"Got this a few days ago and I'm very impressed. This is a real world worker. Everything the ad says is true, the effect is stunning, easy and very practical. With the two cards in my top pocket, I'm ready to perform this any time during my routine. I may even use this as a closer! " Iain Moran