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DROP N - By Michael Eaton





Drop N teaches you some of the best close up magic tricks any magician could do. Stunning magic made easy to learn.

You can take a coin and slowly push it through solid glass. This magic trick is jaw dropping stuff, yet Michael Eaton has developed a simple to do technique that every magician will be able to practice and perform. This is a practical working magicians method for pushing a coin through glass. This is the magic trick that brought Michael into the spotlight with the magic community, and now it's available for you to learn and perform. 

Rule of Five
Good card magic should be quick and clever. Rule of five hits both those targets. This card trick is perfect for table hopping close up conditions. It's simple to do, so you can perform it confidently. This card magic trick WILL go in your working magic set.

Card Under Glass
Michael Eastons nod to one of the core magic tricks all magicians should do. It's fun, fresh and exciting angle is the most crucial part of the trick!

Two-Card Monte Payoff
A surprising conclusion to the find the queen magic trick. This one will have them fooled.


Secondly, he will making you a better performer:

Michael Eaton is famous in magic for being one of the official magicians of the Orlando Magic NBA team. Michael's work has gained him notoriety inthe best magic circles. The magic tricks and techniques he will teach you on this DVD have been worked on over years of live performances to make them professional useable material.

You will be shown all the technical details of his work and also how he approaches the spectators, wins them over, and then performs a short, unforgettable performance that has his spectators recommending his services.

If you have read many of the posts in the MoM Blog, you will know we are often reminding our readers that it's not the magic tricks that are important… it’s the performance you give that counts. You need to use a lot more than card technique to be a successful magician.  Connect with your audience, build a rapport with them, and leave them wanting to see more magic. Drop'N moves beyond just teaching you a few tricks, it should you how to present them professionally. It's not just a lesson in stunning magic, but also a window into the real techniques that move you from a casual magician to a pro.