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Driven - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Impromptu Pen Through Bill


"Cracking direct approach to the routine. Almost as good as mine....Ok, it IS as good as mine!"  -- Alan Rorrision, creator of Misleading Misled



"Highly recommended!" -- Jeff Pierce



"...absolutely brilliant! Looks fantastic and totally clean." -- Chris Congreave



"I've worked on countless versions of the Pencil Thru Bill plot over the past 20 years and I can honestly say that Cameron's is the very best!" -- Iain Moran





I have a few versions of pen thru bill both gimmicked and ungimmicked, this is one of the cleanest impromptu (no gimmicked) versions out there.” -- Gary Jones



"... I highly recommend this.” -- Charlie Justice






Impromptu pen through bills do not get cleaner than this! The following description is exactly what the spectator sees.




Phase 1




The performer borrows a pen and a bill. The bill is folded in half and the pen is inserted vertically into the fold. The bill is unfolded so that the spectators can clearly see the pen is in the bill. The bill is refolded. The performer then slams his hand down onto the end of the pen, driving the tip straight through the fold of the bill. The pen is pulled through the bill and placed behind the performer's ear. The bill is then opened... and shown to be completely unharmed!




Phase 2




The bill is once again folded. The pen is then inserted horizontally into the bill so that it is cradled in the fold. The spectators can clearly see that the pen is inside the bill (and it really is!). The performer then grips the tip of the pen and moves it in a sawing motion. The pen melts right through the bill! The bill is opened and seen to be completely unharmed. Everything can be immediately handed out for examination.




Points to consider:



  •       There are no gimmicks.  
  • Nothing is added or taken away.  
  • There are no tears or slits in the bill. 
  • The trick is 100% impromptu. Borrow any bill and any pen or pencil and you are set to do this effect.



When you purchase Driven you will receive an 11 page PDF containing 19 color photos, clearly detailing every stage of this devastating effect, plus a three minute video which contains a full performance from the spectator's point of view and a performance from the performer's point of view. Between the easy to read PDF and the concise videos, you'll be performing this stunning piece of magic in no time! 




You can never have too many impromptu miracles in your repertoire. And Driven is one of the best!





TYPE:  PDF Ebook for Mac and PC 

DELIVERY: Electronic/Instant download (worldwide)

Magic Tricks Difficulty level 2 (Basic sleights)

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