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Dreamweaver (with Gimmicks)by Paul Carnazzo




This will allow you to tap into one of the most private parts of your spectators thoughts... their dreams!

Using the special Dreamweaver card, you will be able to achieve this.

The Dreamweaver features sixteen everyday dream symbols, and is similar to an object you would get at a "New Age" book shop. Your spectators are told to thing about a particular dream symbol that they can identify with and to imagine that they are actually dreaming of that symbol. you don't need to ask any probing questions or push for clues. You simply start to describe details of their dream. After that, you will be able to supply them with a reading based on their dream, and show them the exact dream symbol that they had in their mind!

The card can be shown in several ways. Perhaps as a device used to help the spectator control their dreams into pleasant thoughts, or maybe to stop bad dreams that they may be suffering from. You could even show them a demonstration of "dream walking".

In Dreamweaver, you will be given a set of 100% plastic,  durable, professionally printed, credit card sized symbol cards plus an easy to follow 16 page instruction guide.

Check out these useful features of Dreamweaver:
  • No Force is needed
  • You can use different dream symbol each time you do it.
  • You don't need to write anything down
  • No need to search for clues with questions.
  • No need to use any progressive anagrams
  • No fishing required
  • No "instant stooges" or "dual reality"is used.
  • small and easy to carry! The card are designed to be stored in your wallet!
  • The card is un-gimmicked and is held by the spectator freely
  • Card is super durable and built to last you for a many many uses!