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Double Stuff - By Justin Miller - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD


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Learn one of the most important card moves of The 21st Century!



"I am FINALLY tipping all my work on a principle that is UNDER used in magic. Mostly because so many magicians I have talked to are scared of the move. I will elevate all of your fears, not only will you be able to execute this beautiful move with grace and precision, with confidence, but you will also be able to actually place it in THEIR hands" - JM

Justin's work with the double card has been kept under wraps for about 4 years, he has only ever shared his techniques and methods at his lectures and on a couple of products (Hopper and the 420 Project). It is a sleight of hand move that is utterly deceiving, if you master this then you will have an amazing tool in your arsenal that will fool not only lay people but magicians also.

This video download is jam packed with ALL of Justin's knowledge on the subject and a LOT of this information is being revealed for the first time EVER!

So what is a double card?

It is the ability to place two or more cards down onto a surface at once, while always making it LOOK and FEEL like ONE SINGLE CARD! If you are a at all serous about your card work then you really should know this!! then the ability to execute this POWERFUL and DECEPTIVE card move is VITAL!

This video download tutorial is 1 hour long and you:

The original double. Origins.

  • Hippie toralles..
  • Rafael Benatar
  • Slide double
  • Card box kick

the count:

  • Original way
  • One handed

Where to do the double:


  • Wrong path
  • Rub a double prediction
  • Rub a double production
  • Kicking hippie-prediction
  • Hands off double

And 2 BONUS effects (to be added later)

PLUS LIVE footage of Justin teaching these concepts in a lecture he gave in Boston.

If you think you DON'T!



"I've been watching Justin's double card stuff for years and it's one of the best things he does imho. Seeing some of this stuff live I would say it's a no brainer purchase"-Shaun Dunn- (Papercrane magic)

"JM, you're insane. I had Rafael Benatar's video back in the 90's teaching the double and I couldn't do it. Within 10 minutes of your video, I nailed it. Not just once, I kept doing it on different surfaces, perfect each time. And I mean where it even slides. I actually got a magnifying glass to check it to make sure I wasn't kidding myself. That Craig Petty is right, you are the best teacher in magic.-Zombie Magic-

"Just finished going through 'Double-stuff' and it's awesome! It was well worth the download and I would recommend it to anybody"-Bernard-

"I'll say this twice, buy it buy it! Double Stuff is not for the weak of heart. With a little practice and some work you'll have a move so cool you'll kill everyone at the next club meeting. Singles, double's, quads no problem here. JM give's up all the goods on this underground, underused classic. Don't wait, slay them today with the instant Download"-Skott Huges-