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Doc Eason Card Under Glass (2 DVD set) by Kozmomagic - DVD



Card Under Glass: the classic Bar trick brought to new heights...

With its origins in the magic bars of Chicago, the card under glass idea was popularized by Heba Haba Al (Andrucci). Al taught his version to Bob Sheets, who, in turn, fooled a young man named DOC EASON. Doc spent the next 35 years perfecting the trick and the routine. Slipping a card under a drink with an audience watching his every move is hard enough to do once but, even after telling his patrons he is going to do it, Doc does it an incredible 6 more times!

Also included:
TOOLBOX - instructions on the moves and sleights and psychology.
INTERVIEW - "The Boisterous Participant" (or how to deal with hecklers)
DIRECTORS CUT - Doc explains every step of the routine while you watch him do it! Not just how, but the all-important why. It is an advanced lesson not only of card handling, but of CROWD handling.


 'I've just had the opportunity to watch this DVD set, and I can agree with the others, this is top notch stuff here!

I've also been lucky enough to see Doc perform this material live and in person on many occasions, and I can say that without a doubt, that he's a true master, and watching Doc is always a FUN and AMAZING experience for everyone!'
- John T Sheets


MODULAR ROUTINE - each one of the tricks is strong enough to stand by itself. The full routine is over 30 minutes of entertainment! A roller coaster of fun and amazement!

 Questions and Answers


Is this just for bar magicians?

'No .. not just for bar workers.. this is a modular routine so that the tricks can be performed separately and without gimmicks.. this is a real deck routine from a shuffled deck in use... as the saying goes. ..... and certainly doesn't have to be performed behind a bar. In addition to strong routines. there is the section on audience management and dealing with the smart asses in the room. Good information for pretty nearly any performing situation.' - Doc Eason


Is card under glass suitable for beginners?

'This routine, and all Doc's material, is well suited to amateur performers. In fact, it's some of the finest material you will ever come across. Why? Because it is highly entertaining, as well as magical.' - tomsk192


'If I had to book any entertainer to entertain my family, daughter and friends my number one choice would be Doc Eason. I still can’t get over the fact that his material is here to inspire all of us in the magic community. We owe Doc a great debt as well as Koz who has captured this lifetime of work so well. - Just brilliant, simply brilliant!' - David Penn


'It's the Best DVD that I have bought in 2015. There are many close seconds this year already but this set is on top.' - Wilder J. Rua


'Should be compulsory training for every performing magician. 'Every serious magician needs to know this trick' - John O'Brian


'Doc Eason, one of my heroes in magic. The first magic VHS I ever watched was his Bar Magic series and I fell in love with his style of magic. On this 2 DVD set, you get a masterclass with the man himself, a polished routine that is totally customisable and a toolbox of moves, flourishes, theory and interviews to allow you to create your own routine.

The first DVD begins with a performance by Doc Eason that runs for around 35-40 minutes, it is incredibly entertaining and just watching and learning from this is worth the price of admission. Next, Doc explains this performance from start to finish in great detail. He is an amazing teacher and leaves no stone unturned. There are so many different tricks in this routine (a two card transpo, triumph, etc.) and the card under glass happens throughout the routine at times when they least expect it. The entire first disc covers this routine, however some sleights or moved are brushed over because they are taught in full detail on the second disk (Toolbox).

The second disc is just a treasure trove of sleights and moves you can add into your routines. He also gives advice and his handling of classic moves such as the classic force, top change, etc. My classic force improved tenfold when I watched his little tweak to the move. All these moves are taught in great detail and Doc's advice on them is invaluable. Also, there is an interview with Kozmo with extra performance footage, commentary, outtakes and more.

You really get so much with this set. What's cool is that if you really wanted to, you could learn Doc's 40 minute routine start to finish and go out and perform it, or you can take all the little pieces from the toolbox and put them together to create your own masterpiece. I highly recommend picking this up for two reasons - 1. It's Doc Eason for god's sake. 2. For $50, you get two DVDs with a polished routine taught from start to finish, a toolbox of moves and advice and a buttload of extra stuff to have fun with (interviews, outtakes, commentary, etc.). You seriously cannot go wrong with this. I cannot rate it high enough. 10/10'
- James Conti


Beginners: The mechanics are easy to learn, so you just need to drill it until you feel comfortable. It's a core set of skills to learn, and can expand with you as you use all or parts of the routines/tricks across all your card work. The audience control advice is priceless training

Working Magicians: This is a modular system routine, a bit like the Ambitious Card. So each one of the tricks is strong enough to stand by itself. The full routine is over 30 minutes of entertainment! You can bolt on parts of card under glass to your current card magic at the tables. It's also very powerful if you want to approach the bar and perform there.