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Distress Call - By Rus Andrews - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Distress Call is and effect that takes the phone prediction to another level! No more stooges or secrets codes are needed to perform this genuine miracle for laymen! So no need to worry if your ‘special psychic friend’ isn’t around to answer your call because with Distress Call there really is no reason to stress!

A deck of cards is shuffled by the spectator.

A card is then glimpsed and committed to memory and the cards placed away.
The performer brings out his mobile phone and begins to flick through all his contacts showing all the different peoples names in the list.

The spectator is then asked to choose any of the contacts in the list.
It really is a FREE CHOICE, there are no forces, the name they choose is the name you call.

The performer calls the person on the list that has been selected and places the phone on loud speaker, yes that is right, on LOUD SPEAKER! The spectator hears the dial tone and the selected person answer.

The performer has a brief chat with the person on the other end of the phone and then asks the person to name the first playing card that enters their mind.

They name the exact same card the spectator is thinking of.

Points to remember are:

- There are no stooges. None whatsoever!
- No secret codes or conversations. The spectator hears the whole conversation.

- No reset time. Once you have hung up you are set to go and amaze someone else!

- One time set up. Once you have done the set up you will always be prepped to perform.

- It is EASY to do!
DISTRESS CALL is an effect that was created from my own frustration that came from attempting to discover the secret to the classic Berglas effect in which any card named is found in a deck at any number named.

As there are only a handful of people entrusted to keep the secret of the Berglas effect I had to change my angle a bit. So I decided to see if it were possible to put a digital spin on the classic effect. This is how Distress Call was born, adding my variation to the ACAAN cookie collective.

- Rus Andrews



TYPE: PDF ebook for Mac and PC

DELIVERY: Electronic/Instant download (worldwide)

Magic Tricks Difficulty level 1 (Basic sleights/self working)

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