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Distorted Thoughts - By Jack Curtis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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'I absolutely love the effects in Distorted Thoughts, the production is tip top too' - Anthony Jacquin

(professional hypnotist, mentalist and author of Reality is Plastic)


Jack Curtis is a professional mentalist from the UK. This book is a collection of Jack’s favourite mentalism routines and theories that he uses personally on a regular basis. Every effect is very easy to perform, however, the book requires an prior knowledge in the field of mentalism and is not written with the beginner in mind.

Extra Subliminal Persuasion

Instantly resetting close up mentalism using five ESP cards contained in five small envelopes.


Red Sky in the Morning
NLP playing card divination with a kicker ending.


Digital Video Prediction (DVP)
A multiple out solution for the stage performer. (formally sold as a download with the same title for £10)


A three phase routine using an empty glass and a jug of water.


Subliminal influence demonstrated with playing cards. A quick, easy and effective opener.


Law of Attraction
A beautiful routine using a stack of business cards that brings the participant closer to a loved one.




Distorted Thoughts also includes essays about why playing cards should never be taken for granted and why everything you know about approaching tables in a walk around environment is wrong.




Every effect in this book is simple and direct, just how I like them! Jack has thoroughly thought through every presentational nuance to bring you not only a small collection of strong mentalism effects, but also some very important performance and delivery ideas often overlooked by entertainers in this industry.


- Looch (professional mentalist, author of S.A.D)


 The direct plots and simple methodology make each piece super easy to slide anywhere into your repertoire.


- Dee Christopher (professional magician and magic author)


As an actor and film maker, Jack knows how to draw people into the experience and engage his audience. Besides the clever ideas and routines full of details, you might find yourself thinking about how you can improve your own performances. Very inspiring!


- Harry Lucas (Austria's finest mind reader)