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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Disperse - By Rus Andrews - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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There are many ways to shoot a card from a deck of cards, over the years I have used many methods until I stumbled across this little piece of madness, Disperse is a way of shooting a selected card from any where in the deck.
 The card can be shot a great distance or to an area required i.e under your hand, card case or a waiting glass.

This is a great utility move and can be used for many different routines.

Welcome to DISPERSE

This is a no frills video download, just me a pool table and a deck of cards.
 No fancy edits of flashy transitions.

Credits for this go to:

Christian Bizau

Ben Earl

Daniel Madison

Bryan Cole

David Pennington

Wayne Fox


Video download for PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad