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Dice Vision by TCC



Color Vision, the name does not seem like anything special, but this magic effect has surely been seen by countless audiences.

Inside a small box is a cube with six different colored sides or dots. The magician knows which side is facing up seemingly without looking inside the box.

It was invented by Martin Sunshine (the inventor of the Center Tear) in the 1930s and won two awards from two national magic societies in 1952.

It could be said to be a classic among the classics.

Because of the extremely simple and ingenious principle, it is loved by many mentalists and prop makers, including the famous Japanese magician Mikame.

Now, as a result of a collaborative effort by TCC Presents & Conan Liu Magic Co., this time-tested classic is recreated. We present - Dice Vision!

Effect: An antique-looking dark-colored wooden box and wooden die is shown. The magician turns his back to the audience and asked an audience member to place the die into the box with any number facing upward. The magician then determines the number selected by the audience member by listening to sound or by telepathy, without opening the box.

It can be presented as mind-reading, clairvoyance, extrasensory perception, etc, and is an extremely ingenious, clever, and deceptive peek.

The wooden box and lid are made of black walnut, and the inside and outside are hand-waxed with oil; the die is the color of unstained wood (with rounded corners); the dots are carved into the block and colored black (not stickers or printed).

There have been other makers who have made colored blocks and miniature versions, however, they are mostly made of plastic. There have also been wooden versions larger than a Rubik's Cube. Conan Liu Magic Co. and TCC have brought to you a rarely seen all-wood version in an ideal size for both close-up and stand-up settings.

Size reference (measured by hand, please allow for a slight margin of error)

Die: 4cm × 4cm

Outer diameter of wooden box: 5.3cm × 5.3cm

Inner diameter of wooden box: 4.5cm × 4.5cm
  • Classic effect, collectible quality, meticulously handcrafted;
  • The size has been determined after numerous research. It can be comfortably operated with one hand and is suitable for both close-up and stand-up settings.
  • An ancient method of nearly a hundred years ago, extremely deceptive;
  • Full set includes: wooden box and lid, wooden die, online instructional tutorial by Conan Liu.