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Deviance - By Dee Christopher - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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A card is selected and inspected by the spectator. The magician then asks the

spectator to sign the face of the card as he brings their attention to the window nearby.

The magician then places his open empty hand round one side of the window and

flicks the signed card towards it. As the card hits the glass a pip from the card is seen

to land on the magicians waiting palm, having passed straight through the window!

Everything can be immediately examined.


New from Dee Christopher, an underground fresh mind in magic comes Deviance, a

new take on the card through window plot. A pip from a signed selection visibly

passes through a window! Also taught is a different take on this penetration -

Sauvignon Deviance - whereby you make the pip penetrate a wine glass, whilst it is

covered by a card or the card case!

Gone are the days where you needed certain lighting conditions or huge set ups to

perform a card through window effect. If you have been waiting for a simple yet

stunning, visual card thru glass effect with minimal set up then Deviance is for you.

Not only is this an amazingly visual piece of magic but it also is simple to do.

Everything you need to know is taught and detailed with full colour photos in this PDF download.


I am new to card magic, can I do this?

Yes, everything is taught in the PDF, it will take practice as all magic does but this is

by no means a knuckle buster!

Do I need a stooge?

No this is a self contained illusion, so no need for any help whatsoever, just you, a

deck, spectator and a window, oh and the secrets inside are needed!

Do you need any special glass or windows?

No, Deviance can be performed with no prep whatsoever to the glass with which you

will perform.

What are the angles like?

The angles are very good with Deviance. You can perform this effect almost

completely surrounded with no problems at all. With awareness of your surroundings

and some simple audience control and direction you can perform this 100%


Must I use bicycle cards to perform this effect?

No any brand of cards can be used to perform Deviance from Black Tiger cards to

Bee Poker cards and all the Waddington bridge size cards in between!

Does this use threads or magnets?

No! You don't need threads or magnets are needed to perform Deviance.



I love Deviance! This is a simple effect to perform but done right can be a miracle, I love the reactions it gets! Buy this now! - Matt Fields

Nice work Dee, been performing this now for a few weeks and it is SWEET! - R Taylor UK

I like the twist to the card thru window plot that Dee has brought to the table, and the fact that the card is inspected and signed makes it one of my favourite effects to perform now. - Mark Chesdon

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