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Descent - Kevin Parker - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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This is a visual coin-through-glass that does not require magnets, wires, strings, threads, special coins, or special tables. The magician borrows a coin, drops it in the middle of the table, and pushes it through, the coin visibly landing in his empty hand underneath the table. The coin can even be signed, and the coin, with signature on it, is clearly seen in the magician's hand after it falls through the table. With just your bare hands and a coin, you are achieving this.




"WOW! Great trick. I tried it right away on my rooomate, and he wouldnt stop bugging me all night. Thanks again" - Jordan Kent, Ohio

WOW! what an incredible trick. This will definatly be going right into my walk-around/resturaunt act. It's so easy, yet sooo amazing. Thanks Kevin for creating such a wonderful product. You can see by the demo what the effect is, so I won't waste time with that...but I will tell you that everything in the ad is true. It's like real magic!"- Haydini Savannah, GA

"Wow descent is awesome I did it for my mom and she thought it was splendid and wont stop bugging me to tell her." - Lucas Bolanos, CA

"Borrow a coin, drop it on a glass table and push it through the table letting it falling on your hand under the table. Method: Very very clever.This is the best Coin Through Table trick/method I've ever seen.It doesn't requires magnets, wires, special coins and special tables.Kevin Parker teaches a couple of methods to do this.The coin can even be signed, which I think is the best thing in this trick." Thanks! -Leandro, Yoshida Japan

"WOW! Great trick. I tried it right away on my rooomate, and he wouldnt stop bugging me all night. Thanks again" - Jordan Kent, Ohio "Descent is great!! It made me beleive in magic again, its 1000% visual magic, as good as it gets!!" -Ricardo Ampudia Mexico City.

"Thank you so much man. I'm new to magic and only do the tricks for my kids and my co-workers and they think I'm a magician... my kids are 5 and 3... there is nothing nicer for me than my kid being proud of me..." So thank you... AC aka Antonio Cancino


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