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Delirium - By Steven Dylan Palmer - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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it is so refreshing to read effects born from pratice and experience in the real world, Steven writes with a calming honesty, and offers three powerful effects that have been tested and have made him a reputation through his professional career that would compliment and mentalist or psychological illusionuist”. Daniel Madison

"I have studied your essays and I think your ideas are clever and a contribution to the field."
 Barrie Richardson (legendary mentalist and author of Theatre of the mind and Act two.)

"I like your style, subtle and direct (with no fussy-ness)."
  Sean Waters

"Finally got a chance to look at your ebook. Some great thinking on there! Nice routining. I would love to see some performances."
 B. Smith (David Blaine consultant)

"Steven Palmer's thinking is clever and his audience-tested routines show a detail-minded creator who is willing to share his bread-and-butter effects."
Thomas Baxter

"Dylan has put together three real world workers, perfect for the close up performer but also at home in a cabaret or stage setting with little adaptation. His thinking is clever and his methods are interesting and easily workable."
 Thom Bleasdale

You will find plots that easily re-set, low tech, don’t take much pocket space, and give people something to walk away with, either for promotional usage or just as a an astonishing souvenir.

Future prophecies: A devastating confabulation routine designed especially for close up/walkaround situations. The spectator can name any three items and you can reveal your matching prediction from a sealed envelope. Includes simple instructions on how to build an extremely versatile gimmicked post-it note pad and several alternate handlings.

Identity theft: An amazing demonstration of sixth sense. You ask someone to remove a bank card from their wallet. You ask the spectator to place the card of their choice between their palms so no-one can see anything. You place your hand over the spectators clasped hands and begin to pick up impressions from the card. Writing your impressions down on a business card they are seen to be an exact match of the details of the spectators card.

Homage: A great opener for any mentalism performance. A business card is shown to a spectator with some common possessions on it. Keys, Wallet. Phone, etc. They are asked to simply think of one of the objects and commit themselves to it. Using “physic” ability the performer is able to divine the object merely thought of, in a very clean and direct fashion.
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