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DeLands Donut Shop Playing Cards



DeLand's Donut Shop Playing Cards look like a souvenir deck from your favorite mom & pop bakery, but they hide some diabolical secrets within!

Inspired by the genius work of Theodore DeLand from over a century ago, Kevin Reylek & Phill Smith have created a fun marked deck that is not only easy to learn, but easy to perform with.

The deck features fully custom artwork from top to bottom. The bright pink tuck box opens sideways, just like a real donut box.

The card backs have a full-bleed borderless design, covered in dozens of appetizing donuts. Utilizing a clock-style bite system along with color-coded icing, you'll be able to discern both the suit & value of any card in the deck just by glancing at the back. Because of the size of the marks and the color-based suit system, the deck can be read from quite a reasonable distance!

What about the riffle test? Phill & Kevin actually created the deck so that every donut on each card back changes. When you riffle through the cards like a flipbook, everything changes - making it impossible for an audience to discover the system.

An instruction card is included so you can learn the markings right away.

There are also one-way markings on both the backs and the faces, empowering you to perform some diabolical effects.

The faces feature a bright pink & chocolate brown color scheme, with sprinkles on the number cards. The court cards have been customized as bakery employees, ready for service. Two identical jokers with a donut mascot are included, as well as a double-backed gaff card for magic tricks.

Of course, the cards handle like a dream. Printed using Penguin Magic's exclusive UltraLux™ finish and AquaFlow™ coating, these traditionally-cut cards come out of the box ready for all of the tricks & flourishes in your arsenal.

The whole package is topped off with a custom sticker seal, individually numbered out of 3,000.
  • Limited print run of 3,000 decks
  • Concept & art direction by Kevin Reylek
  • Design by Phill Smith
  • Fully custom artwork
  • Fully marked backs with clock-style values and color-coded suits
  • One-way backs & faces for magic tricks
  • Includes 2 identical Jokers
  • Instruction card included
  • Double-backer gaff included
  • Printed with UltraLux™ Finish & AquaFlow™ coating
  • Traditionally cut
  • Sideways-opening tuck box with inside & outside printing
  • Individually-numbered custom sticker seals