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Deeper and Deeper - By Jonathan Chase - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Deeper and Deeper the Secrets of Stage Hypnosis


"A wonderful new book by England's hypnotist, Jonathan Chase, is a great way to start performing the art of Stage Hypnosis."
Bryan Dean -


169 pages covering: Showmanship, suggestion, safety, the "dream pilot" tells it all in this "complete instruction". Fast effective and often funny this is THE book on the nuts and bolts of stage hypnosis

If you really want to be a stage hypnotist, or learn

the secrets of the hypnotist's art, then this ebook should be a must on your reading list

Jonathan Chase's best selling book on modern stage hypnosis is now used worldwide as a definitive reference on the subject of fast and funny entertainment hypnosis and by hypnotherapists as a guide to fast inductions and powerful suggestions

Britain's leading hypnotist" Mail on Sunday
"Your Mind in Safe Hands" Central Television
"Master Hypnotist" Sunday Times
"Unbelievable" Picadilly Radio

 Review 2007 J. Nagle
"Jonathan Chase is a hypnotist who has REAL world experience and it shines nicely through his book 'Deeper and Deeper. This offers more information on making money with Stage Hypnosis and on the business side of things which is a great idea. Most people don't realize when you are a Stage Hypnotist EVERYWHERE you go is a chance to increase your marketing! "

For some very peculiar reason these days there are a lot of books and seminars on Stage Hypnosis. Some of these courses run into thousands of pounds, but are they worth it? Perhaps. Well, here, in a wonderful new book by England's hypnotist, Jonathan Chase, is a great way to start performing the art of Stage Hypnosis. Jon begins by giving you a fine intro into what hypnosis is, how it is recognized, etc. Also about the "dangers" of Stage Hypnotism. (I learned one safety technique here that was worth the whole price of the book.) Then he teaches you not a long-drawn-out but very quick induction where your subjects are hypnotized by the time they are on stage. This is a newer technique unlike what is known in the United States. He teaches you how to structure your show and how to put it together with props, etc. There is only a basic outline for the show Pre-Talk (no scripts is included, but he shows you how to create one yourself). He includes ten pages of routine ideas that should help you along. Highly recommended for all magicians and related arts -- by Bryan Dean




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