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Deck Direct - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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CENTRIFUGAL DIARY: The classic diary prediction as popularised by Ted Danson. However, hopefully, the method will be new to the readers.

THE CHOSEN FEW: A card randomly created by a spectator matches a card selected by another spectator. However, you do not touch the deck throughout the trick!

Alien ENCOUNTER: From a blue backed deck a card is chosen then returned to the middle. Introducing a red backed deck you remove the Ace of Spades - your magic card. You push this card into the blue deck in an attempt to locate the selection. In the end this red backed Ace becomes the selection!

J.O.I.N.T EFFORT: A chosen card is discovered using two secret numbers - both of these numbers are determined by the audience.

FREE WILL: From a packet of eight cards, a spectator freely selects any four. These four cards turn out to be random ones. The four he left you with are the four Aces!

EYE PREDICT: A spectator freely cuts a deck then deals off nine cards. From these he then selects three and adds together their values. You have predicted this total.

A NOVEL CARD Trick: A spectator picks a card from your deck - perhaps the King of Hearts - which is lost back into the deck. Three cards are now picked at random and laid on the table, e.g., 2 - 7 - 2. The spectator opens a book (novel) at page 272 to discover his card therein!

PHONE ZONE 1: You phone a friend and tell him to get a deck of cards. You now knock him senseless by performing a card discovery over the phone.

PHONE ZONE 2: You phone a friend - same friend as before? - and tell him to get a deck of cards. You now knock him senseless once again by performing a card discovery over the phone.

MULTIPLEX PERPLEXED: In this effect, four selected cards are found instantly by the two black Jacks.

THE FARANORMAL: A magical effect using two Kings and a quantity of cards.

B I L O C A T I O N: You remove your lucky card from the deck and use it to locate two selected cards.

A SHARP MIND: A spectator selects a card which is then lost back into the deck. A second spectator takes the deck and cuts to a card - notes it - then loses it back into the deck. You now produce an invisible Ace of Spades - the Bullet - which you throw into the deck and it locates both selections!

THE SPECKELED HUMBUG: The following was inspired by Ken Speckle's "Blupho the Dare" that appeared in Abacus Vol.6 No.6. The effect here is a different one - more akin to Roy Walton's "Magical Eliminator." This item (mine, not Roy’s) also appeared in Abacus.

W H Y S O L A T I O N: In this effect, a coincidence occurs and then a kicker is introduced to finish.