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DAT Challenge Duplication by Jacob M Smith - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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DAT Challenge Duplication is a Drawing Duplication from the young, creative and mature mind of Jacob M. Smith.

An answer to creating a fun, engaging and remarkable challenge of mind reading for our audiences. It can be tongue and cheek or be played in a serious fashion.

An audience member is used top be the eyes and the ears of everyone in the audience, they can be as skeptical as you like. They oversee your actions as you have other members of the audience concentrate on an image. The overseer then selects one of the audience members to come up on stage. You are then able to
replicate a memory this audience member is apparently thinking of in relation to the image they are concentrating on.

Next you replicate the drawing they have in mind from their memory with a big visual drawing duplication.

Finally, you end by going one step above the final challenge posed to you and everyone, including your skeptic. Everyone is blown away by how you going beyond what they could have even imagined!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it require dexterity and complicated moves?

- No, it's semi-automatic and has been as simplified as possible.

Is there work before the show?

- There can be, but not in the way you are probably thinking.

Is this sure fire?

- Yes it is, there is no.

Is this an act in your pocket?

- Yes.


"This is a beast routine, people! Jakob had something very nice here"
-Ross Tayler

"Very nice routine – a clever linking of some of the coolest techniques in mentalism into a coherent and dramatically satisfying whole."
-Chris Philpott

"Jakob has put together a well-structured presentation of a multi-phase drawing dupe effect. He combines bits and pieces from various sources, all credited, and turns it into an effect that can easily be a closer to any act.”
-Greg Arce

"DAT Challenge Duplication will be DAT one thing you do and DAT one thing that they will all talk about."
-Dale A. Hildebrandt