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Curving Cutlery - By Erick Castle - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Erick Castles metal bending techniques have been used by the top performing mentalists around the world. His revolutionary Gallerian Bend has been a best-seller for many years, and is regarded as an essential technique for anyone wishing to learn professional standard spoon or fork bending. Erick now returns to the subject to lift your techniques up to the next level!


Tine-bend (shake)

 This is a one-handed tine-bend unlike anything seen before! It's not you traditional tine-bend like Banachek. Erick also explains how to do a unique pivot for bending other types cutlery as well.

Touching Bend - Remastered

 A new improved version - So what's all the fuss about? Well, Touching Bend gives you the visual effect of a spoon slowly bending at your fingertips, but without the high level of misdirection, risky moves, chemicals and fuss of other professional quality techniques currently available. It does this by using a very practical and easy to use gimmick!  You use your own spoons, and they can be given out immediately for your audience to examine (Erick recommends just letting the spectator keep-it as a souvenir).

Do I have to use a special spoon?

No! Use your own regular everyday spoons. The instructional video takes you step by step through the simple process of creating the gimmick for use with any spoon! The Touching Bend gimmick can be put together very quickly from a few common items. If you don't already own the 'bits and bobs' needed, they can be picked up cheaply at most hardware stores.  

What about the reset?

That's one of the many advantages Touching Bend gives the working magician. It resets in moments, making it ideal for walk-around or corporate performing situations.

Does this need Sleight of Hand?

No! Although you will need to practice the handling to make the actions smooth and natural. Touching Bend takes away the need for palming or risky misdirection, Erick found that many 'beginners' were put off most of the visual impromptu techniques on the market, so Touching Bend gives you the power without the paranoia!

Gallerian- Bend - Second Edition

 Gallerian Bend takes the concept of bending a spoon using just the power of your mind to a whole new level! It is a completely impromptu spoon bend that you will immediately add to your close-up repertoire!  Easy to perform without any set up and using just a regular spoon.  Erick has been literally refining Gallerian over the past 3 years, not only to make it visually beautiful, but also making it something very practical to perform in all type of settings. Erick goes into a detailed explanation of many new and effective tips and variations as well showing how to create extra cover and more leverage for the bend. He also teaches his technique to verbally misdirect his spectators while making a bend.

Can this be performed surrounded?

Yes! The beautiful thing about gallerian, it's actually viewable completely (Surrounded). This effect could be performed as walkaround, close-up or on stage.

Does this use a gimmicked spoon?

No! The spoon is not prepared and could be borrowed if you don't mind giving the spoon back to the owner in a bent condition.

Can this be performed with a fork rather than a spoon?

Yes. We actually think it looks even better! Due to narrower 'tyne section' surface.

The (Bonus) routine

 This is a prediction/effect, a business card is folded in half with a paper-clip holding it together and completely sealed inside a wallet and I almost forgot to mention with a rubber-band around the wallet as well! The prediction turns out to be 100% correct!  




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