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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Copag 310 Stripper (RED) Playing Cards

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A stripper deck also known as a tapered deck allows you to control the main location of a card or a group of cards easily within the pack. Even after being shuffled by a spectator, you can cut to a selected card or move multiple cards to specific locations using basic shuffles. The cards of a stripper deck are slightly tapered, so that the sides no longer form a perfect rectangle. The change is slight enough to be undetected by visual inspection or even casual handling. Many of the effects achieved with a stripper deck can also be accomplished with sleight of hand.
  • Allows you to control the location of a card or a group of cards
  • Even after shuffling you can easily find the spectator's chosen card
  • Ready to use straight out the box
  • No skills required
  • True Linen B9 Finish for supreme handling and longevity