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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Conradi Dice Box

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Conradi's classic and charming magic with a little dice box

Out of your pocket, you take a charming little wooden box. You open the lid to reveal three dice.

You take these little fellows with you wherever you go, and they do something remarkable... They are ALWAYS together and never like to be apart for too long...

Ask a spectator to choose one of the dice. The freely chosen dice is removed from the box, leaving the other two behind.

The lid is returned to the top of the box, and you handle the chosen dice, showing it's sides and how each opposite side adds up to 7... Suddenly the dice vanishes.

The box is opened and all three dice are back together in the box, waiting for your return...

The box is then handed out for inspection. 


Comes complete with all the necessary dice, 2 wooden boxes (one gimmicked, one normal) and instruction sheet. you use your own preferred method to vanish the dice from your hands, but the little box does all the work to make it appear to return then the box is opened.