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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Conceptions of Mystery - By Shane Black - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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61 pages of thoroughly written, real world material
18 ultra powerful effects and techniques.

6 BRAND NEW effects for the 2010 2nd edition NEVER BEFORE RELEASED
PIP.1 - Picture in Picture Card Through Bottle
PIP.2 Picture in Picture Card through Draft Glass
Mental & Proud of it! - A snappy Opener
S.F.C.S.E. (Simplest Freaking Card Steal Ever) - Card to Wallet
All Head No Substance - Flashy Jumbo Coin Vanish
Poor Mans Ring Flight - Can I have Number 19 Please?
Water of Leaf - Torn and Restored Leaf in Pool
C.T.C. Live - Signed Card Through Box Impromptu
Casper - Begin Clean, End Clean, Casper cuts the cards for you.
B.B. Double - Get your bling bling on with your doubles!
Clinch'd! - Shooting cards and taking names!
Snap Change on Steroids - Warning this can make people actually like you!
Blown - Needle though balloon gets a make over black style!
Bonus Material - Second Editions Add-ons