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Compression - By Daniel Lachman (DVD)



             Visually Smash A Bic Pen Into One Half Its Original Size.

No Switches. No Sleeves. End Clean.

The compressed pen writes and is completely examinable. You can even give it away to a spectator to keep as a souvenir! They will find nothing because there is nothing.


Keep this hard-hitting effect with you everywhere you go!


-Extremely easy to master

-Can be performed surrounded

-Made in under 15 minutes

-Resets in seconds

-Can be given away as a souvenir


Compression is great for any performance setting and gets amazing reactions.


The DVD consists of the following sections:


-Demo Video with Live Performances


-Simple Explanation

-How To Make Compression

-Detailed Handling


Now with over fifteen minutes of Bonus Material:


-Performance Tips

-Performance Ideas

-Special Handling


For use with your own bic ball point white barrel pens


 Compression Reviews


'What you have here is one of the greatest tricks of all time. One of the most practical, and perfects to perform if you want to get a gig. You could actually borrow the pen with a little sleight. 22 thumbs up!' - The Guy. Magiccafe forum review

'fun effect, easy to do.' - Xcath

'nice, quick, visual effect that is a bit different. It's not rough with the purse strings... (wallet lol... seriously...) is well put together and...  is something I will be using. The DVD is not a rush job, the teaching is good, and I just like the idea of shrinking the pen lol.' - Y2John Review

"I have to confess something. With the ease of filming and editing DVDs with computers anyone, and I mean dang near anyone, can make one. This means teens have been releasing material as original that isn't original and new ‘extreme' versions of old tricks they think are improvements that are not improvements. The street magicians and hallway hit men eat these DVDs up like candy and just influence some other kid to release garbage and it just goes on and on.... until now... He fooled the heck out of me. You show the pen, reduce it, and you can hand it out and they can write with it and if you want you can have your info put on the pen to give to potential clients, which Daniel went over as well, much to my joy...  The DVD is very well done and the production level better than most. When I saw it was a young guy on the DVD I really expected to be disappointed and was just floored all the way around by this." - Magic Santa

"The method is really clever, I love it. I have had three days to play around with it now and I love it. I have performed it at least ten times and its great. I just love the clarity and cleanness of the effect." - Tim 06

"Overall, very detailed and "get you involved" effect. I really like this style of teaching, you seem very energetic, and at the same time got my butt off of the couch ;.) Very nice effect- my kids thoroughly enjoyed it, and I got great reactions when I performed it for them. As soon as it happened I was virtually 100% clean as they were like little fishes ready to grab it out of my hand. They were instantly fighting over who was going to get the pen. Thanks for the great teachings Daniel... I look forward to more of your creativity!" - Supratuner1 Penguin Magic Forum

compression DVD