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Comedy Magic for Pre-Schoolers by David Ginn - DVD

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Do you want to entertain children under age six? Here's the place to learn!

After 25 years of doing nearly 50 pre-school shows, magician/ author David Ginn finally shares what really works. He'll teach you how to seat the children, comedy warm-ups, pacing the show, openings and closings, using puppets and live rabbits, the "on your back" technique, toys & games & animals, time limits, an easy stage set-up, and much more in a 30 minute tutorial.

Magician Mark Tripp says: "That easy stage set-up is one of the best ideas I've ever seen!"

Added the studio explanations, to further educate you, this DVD includes 3 complete live pre-school shows:

  1. Frozen Magic
  2. Magic Animals Show
  3. Another Bag of Magic 1994

Watching this DVD is like getting a crash course on working with children under the age of six.




'David Ginn is the grand-father of comedy magic shows for children, running them for over forty-five years. Unlike the dvds by Terry Herbert (UK) and the Great Zucchini (USA) this isn 't just a video of a show followed by a chat about THAT show. This is a comprehensive explanation of how to do a pre-school kidshow.
Three shows based around Frozen Magic (2010), magic animals (2010) and a comedy magic show (1994) are the basis. David also explains what he has learnt in a thirty minutes master-class: That a friendly puppet is your best friend with this age group.  He also covers different techniques that work both in the USA and UK for comedy magic including on your back, and focusing on toys / animals /colour.
I put these ideas in my pre-school shows in the East of England (2012) and was soon booked across the country. Not everyone will get to meet David in person, but this dvd is the next best thing with this age-group.' - Rob Butcher, The Magician's Apprentice.