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Comedy For Swingers - By Graham Hey - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Forward by Mike McClean

He has long been known as one of Britain‟s greatest comedy writers and performers. He is loved by millions for his roles in the classic sitcoms Porridge and Open All Hours, and for the many parts he played opposite Mr Corbett in the long running series... er ...hang on a minute, that‟s somebody else.

I am writing the forward for, yes sorry, just found the correct slip of paper, yeah Graham hey... er, what can I say about this bloke. Not much really as I don‟t know that much about him. I'm only doing this as a favour for a friend if I am being honest...

Actually I am kidding. Oh, how I like to joke. When Graham asked me to write a forward for his book I thought the same as you: what a money grabbing git - another bloody book! No wonder he is driving around in that flash Nissan BlueBird... the flash so-and-so!

I have known Graham now for a few years and it‟s been the best friendship one could wish to make. He got me back on the stand up circuit as I needed someone who could write top quality one liners and also produce an award winning act. He is a rare thing around today - he is a genuine bloke who has the ability to produce some brilliant comedy. I have to admit when I first came across Graham in that very tight prison cell and he told me he wrote top quality original one liners I thought, yep now I know why he's in here, it‟s for fraud, - but then I got early release and I acquired his first two books and they made me laugh....out loud... I thought 'I hope he‟s come up with more funny stuff while he was banged up' - and low-and-behold, he has.

It‟s very hard for some of us to come up with a good comedy lines, we're talking lines that are sure-fire winning lines. Whenever I have seen a magician work whether it be close up or on stage or even in some magic competitions, the ones that stand out the most for me are the ones that have added a bit of comedy to their routines. It‟s always nice to have a gag or two and with Graham's book you‟re never short of them.

Graham‟s book is a must for every amateur or professional performer for one very important reason, the longer a joke is, the harder it is to be funny. Most people can‟t even remember a long joke, much less tell it properly. This is a brilliant collection of quick-fire, top quality one-liners.

Remember, audiences can be tough, but these one liners will soften them up... trust me I know because I have been using them. His material will always earn my seal of approval.



 A word from  Graham Hey

At long last, here is my book of comedy material. I've been trying to finish it for ages, but then things kept cropping up – you know how it is! However, it's all done now, and the good news is that the delay has given me the chance to test out a lot of the material in the comedy clubs.

As a special bonus, I have added a section containing a selection of material from my first two books: 'At That Funny Stage' (2005), and 'Comedy Buffet' (2008).

I don't want to sound like a broken record, but just a quick mention to say: Just use what fits in with your own style and personality. Don't try to be something you are not! There, I feel better for that!


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