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Colour Therapy By Jimmy Strange - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Colour Therapy by Jimmy Strange
Colour is something that is involved with our everyday lives. You may not realise it but colour has immense power, just a simple colour can change a person's mood or cause a distant memory to become vivid again. Jimmy Strange has taken the idea of using colour with magic and come up with Colour Therapy.

Colour Therapy is a great magic trick with an everyday item, a bottle of water. A spectator fully inspects a bottle of water, they can un cap it and drink the water if they wish. They then choose a colour from a batch of colour swatches from a DIY store. The lid is screwed onto the bottle of water and it is given to the spectators to hold. They are asked to imagine their selected colour and to just give the bottle a small shake. The water in the bottle instantly changes colour to the colour they were thinking of.

Colour Therapy is taught in full within this instant download PDF, all it requires is a couple of bottles of water, a quick trip to a DIY store to pick up a free colour swatch and a little bit of time (not long we promise!) and you will have a very powerful magic trick that happens in the spectator's hands. 


Points to Remember

Very easy to do.

Bottle and cap is inspected at the beginning and end of the routine.

Magical change happens in the spectator's hands.

Is possible to be performed with a borrowed bottle.

Perfect for street magic.