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Colour Fooler Fooled by Viper Magic - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Colour Fooler Fooled is one of the easiest and cleanest brainwave routines possible.

Free choice, easy to do, and the gimmick only takes a minute to make.

The magician introduces a pack of cards. Now the spectator is told to select any card. No forces. No Magician's Choice.A Genuine selection. The spectator picks the 7 of Spades. If he wants he can absolutely change his mind up until the last moment. Now while opening the cards, the magician explains, how some cards are misprinted, or put in the wrong deck. This deck is red on the back, and has all normal faces. The deck usually has 2 ad cards and 2 jokers, that we might, or might not use.

The rest of the deck is how it should be and cards are normal. The spectator selects the 7 of Spades. The deck seems pretty normal. One card has a different colored back and guess what card it is? Oh yes, none other than the spectator's selection. The 7 of Spades. And yes, it's not a heavy piece of gimmicked card, that can't be handed out, it is exactly what it looks like... a single playing card.

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