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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Color Changing Cane 3.0 Fluorescent Dancing (Professional two color) by Jeff Lee



An awesome event is here! The Fluorescent Light Dancing CANE has now been released

This is an exciting revolution in the evolution of the dancing CANE. Firstly , the Fluorescent Light Dancing CANE is very BRIGHT. It can be seen in normal daylight, the whole thing is blazing bright like mad.

When Jeff Lee completed making it, he couldn't take his eyes off the light shining in front of his eyes. This cane really commands a magicial attraction that makes all that view it, fall in love with it right away. Its powerful charm makes you want to touch it the moment you witness it! When you get hold of it, you'll not want to let it go!

Features of the Jeff Lee's Fluorescent Light Dancing CANE:
  • Single piece specially-designed PVC plastic structure
  • Works like other dancing CANEs because it flies as you wish
  • Comes with thread and simple-packing carry case
Why is Version 3.0 so special?
The microchip technology that controls a constant level of brightness so the ending of your routine is as strong as the beginning. Instant colour change (transformation) from one colour to a different one (red/blue)! The cane is so perfectly well made that you will be delighted the moment that you turn it on - and in a state of happiness when you switch the on the action! That light will not only stun you it will dissolve away any "regrets" you may have had! It also arrives to you professionally packaged with a ultra-strong circular plastic carry tube. This model also includes a rechargeable battery (charger works in within 100v to 240v).

The build is solid and professional and gives you an easy but firm "on/off" button, so starting up is easy-peasy, and it will remain "on" without trouble.

 Approximately: 33" x 1.25"