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Coinvexed 3 - Instant Coin Bending Device

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Coinvexed - "The Final Answer In Coin-Bending!"  - Morgan Strebler

"That's F###ing Awesome!" - David Blaine

Coinvexed was one of those magic devices that hit that magicians community with a storm. Working magicians and mentalists recognised its 'coin bending' potential and it became a worldwide magic hit.

The Coinvexed 3rd Generation is the new version of coinvexed that has been redesigned so that it fits either end of a Sharpie pen. Coinvexed also comes with a Digital Video Download showing you 3 professional 'coin bending' magic tricks that are designed for any walkaround magician.

Magician, David Penn shows you his coin bending double coin bend magic trick:

An audience member signs a normal coin, which can be their own. As you perform the magic trick, the spectator FEELS something amazing, they FEEL the coin bending in their hand!

They open their hand to see their own initials or mark on their coin, but it is now magically bent!


Coinvexed will give you the best coin-bending reactions you will ever have from this magic trick, and iit gets better!

Another coin is marked. The spectator moves their hand over the coin on the table and it will bend!


Coinvexed allows you to use the coins that the spectators sign for your coin bending. They really finish bent. The device have been created so as to hide in plain sight. The spectators can look straight at the device and  don't even realise!

There are no chemicals, and you don't need to store coins in strange ways before the performance.

Coinvexed is a professional 'coin bending' device you can use over and again.

"Just when I thought my favourite coin bending gimmick couldn't get any better, David Penn has literally shattered my expectations! The new 'Coinvexed Double Coin Bend' routine is the final answer in coin bending! It is going straight into my set! This will be the first new material from another artist in my show, for two years. It's that damn good!"
Morgan Strebler

"In short, this is superb. Coinvexed - The ultimate solution to the coin bending plot. It ticks all the right boxes - commercial, deceptive and extremely memorable. Very highly recommended!"
Rob James