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Cloud 9 - Worlds Smallest Magicians Smoke Device



Cloud 9, is the world's smallest magician's smoke device with a barrel as small as a grain of rice!



Using a cutting-edge design operating system, this tiny smoke device allows you to add smoke easily into any of your current close-up, parlor, or stage shows. The smoke is emitted from the "barrel" of Cloud 9. This patented design is machine crafted into just the size of a grain of rice, so it is easy to be set anywhere you want.

By a length of an incredibly small wire, the barrel is connected to the battery case (5cmX2.5X2.5).

The separation of the barrel and the battery case not only makes lots of applications attainable but gives you the ability to perform a hands-off smoke effect.

The uniquely made glycerine wax used to produce the milky white smoke is nontoxic and completely safe to use.

In addition to the structure and the working methods, the most distinct difference between Cloud 9 and other traditional smoke-emitters is the application on revealing prediction, "Smoky Transfer". It is this bonus that makes Cloud 9 a revolutionary smoke device.

Cloud 9 is ready to go as soon as you receive it. No assembly is required.

Included in the package is:
2 Barrels(Smoke emitter)
1 battery
1 USB Charger
A bottle of glycerine Gel
Arm strap
Tutorial taught by Shin Lim


Pack of 2 replacement barrels and wires
Pack of 4 bottles of Cloud 9 Gel 





How do I refill Cloud 9?

There are no disposable cartridges like older devices. You have a bottle of gel, and you put a tiny amount into the barrel of cloud 9. You fill up the barrel with some gel and then you can fire approx 10-15 puffs of smoke. Then you refill the barrel again. It takes seconds to refill.

4 x bottles of gel can be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

You only use a tiny bit of gel to fill the barrel. It's a rough estimate, as it depends on how long you fire the smoke and how much you make but with average 1-2 second puffs you should expect to get between 700-1000 puffs per bottle of gel.

That's a guestimate, as the guys playing with it at the moment have done 100's of 'puffs and have hardly dented their bottle supply.


Do I have to make this myself?

No, Cloud 9 is ready to go when you receive it. There's no assembly required.


What does it look like?

With Cloud 9 there is no tube or cartridges to worry about. You have a small black battery unit with a flat switch on the top. Plugged into that is a very thin metal wire (it's black). The wire runs up to a tiny head unit (barrel).

How do you fill Cloud 9?

At the end of the wire is a small barrel. You fill the barrel with a pea size amount of the gel and you are good to go. You get a LOT of gel in the pack. The included gel will last you ages, even with heavy use. You could use any glyc gel, but official refills are available.

How do you charge Cloud 9?

The battery charges via USB quickly.

Why does Cloud 9 heat the gel at the head, rather than pump smoke through a tube?

As there is no pump needed so it's totally silent. That's a huge improvement over older devices


Can you tell me about the wire and barrel?

There are 2 wire/barrel units included with the product.

The first has a 26" wire with a larger barrel (0.5") on it. This barrel takes a slightly larger load and allows 17-20 puffs of smoke before needing more glycerin

The second is a 31" wire with a smaller barrel (0.25") as seen in the demo video. This barrel takes a small load and allows 8-10 puffs of smoke before needing more glycerin


How much smoke can I make?

You are fine to fire Cloud 9 for up to 5 seconds. That's a lot of smoke. You can then fire it again in less than a second. Doing this will make a stream of smoke because the smoke continues for a moment after releasing the switch.

The larger barrel can give you almost 90 seconds of lovely white smoke on a single filling of the barrel. The smaller barrel provides 30 seconds of smoke. The circumference of the barrels is the same, but the larger barrel is twice the length of the small one, so more gel can be held.

What if I break something?

The wire from the battery unit with the barrel is replaceable and you get 2

You can also purchase replacement wires and barrel packs.

We really like how modular this is, so you can replace the wire, barrel etc without having to get a whole new unit. Smart thinking! 


How long to the smoke last?

There are approx 10-15 "puffs" at full strength before the smoke starts reducing. The smoke quantity varies based on how long you activate the smoke for each blast. Once it runs out, it just takes a few seconds to refill.


How do I refill Cloud 9?

The product includes the special glycerin gel used to make the smoke. You could get up to 1000 puff's of smoke from the gel supplied. It depends on the amount of smoke you want for each puff.


How is Cloud 9 powered?

It uses a rechargeable battery giving you loads of applications before a recharge is required.


What about noise?

There are no noise issues. It's silent in use, so you can use it close up.


Does the Cloud 9 smoke smell?

Unlike older smoke devices, the smoke doesn't have an offensive smell. It just smells a bit like smoke. No problem for walk-around close-up use.


Is Cloud 9 expandable?

Yes! That's one of its biggest features. Cloud 9 will have modular add-ons. This device is REALLY expandable. 'Plug and play' extra units that do some pretty cool stuff! More to follow as we slowly roll them out through 2015 You will love the add-on that plugs into your smartphone audio jack!


Can I use Cloud 9 from a distance?

The wire for Cloud 9 is approx 3 feet long. The device has been designed to allow stand-off smoke production when you need it, even with very small items. The wire is impossibly thin, almost invisible.. Reinforcement at the switch area makes it durability in real world conditions. This is built to LAST!


How does this compare to older smoke devices like SSS?

Well, both produce smoke, but the biggest difference is a standard tube Vs a tiny wire. A small point that makes a massive difference.

SSS involves assembly and sourcing your own parts etc. It's a good value option, but there's a lot to be said for having something set up perfectly for you and DESIGNED.

Cloud 9 has the very latest atomizer. As small as a grain of rice. With SSS, chances are you will not spend a lot of money on a really good atomizer. The one you get isn't specifically made to be hidden whilst performing in a way we need it to.

Cloud 9's custom gel makes really lovely white smoke. The results you get from SSS depend on your choice of sourcing vapor-liquid.

I think SSS still has its place, and not everyone wants to drop £115 on an item. However, if you are performing for the public, then this price point is probably less of an issue and the size and wire make this pretty exciting stuff. If you built your SSS device with the best parts available including a state-of-the-art atomizer, you would probably be spending similar money. Most people won't, so a compromise has happened.

I think it boils down to this for me... Do you find the rubber tube you have to hide on most smoke devices to be the weak point/downside of the device? If so, then Cloud 9 may be a game-changer for you.