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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Clipped - By Alan Rorrison - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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You show a folded up card held in a bulldog clip.  A card is selected and signed by the spectator then lost in the deck.
The card inside the bulldog clip is found to be the spectators signed card!
Clipped is one of Alan's most popular routines, and a staple item in his close-up work. It's being adopted my working magicians around the world because of its near perfect real life conditions, it hits hard, and has a simple to understand plot, that couldn't be more direct. But most of all, Clipped is a REAL AUDIENCE FOOLER!
You take out the clip, with the card folded up in its jaws. Right from that moment, you have the interest of the spectators.
A love note?, a promise?
A wish? A secret? 
 They chose ANY card, they write whatever they want on it.
It's gone!
Then suddenly it's there, right in the bulldog clip, the same clip that has been on show
the whole time!
I'm a complete beginner, is this OK for me?
Clipped is very easy to do and would be a perfect effect to learn if you are new to magic. Alan will teach you everything you need to perform this. You will need to obtain a deck of cards and a bulldog clip to get started.
Will I have to make a gimmick?
You will need to obtain a bulldog clip, then follow along with Alan as he shows you the full quick set up.
Is this practical?
It's so practical it HURTS!  You can carry the clip everywhere (it even clips onto your travel case :) ) You don't have to keep this as a card trick. Use it for your mentalism routines, use a business card instead. There really is no limit.   
Format:  Mp4 WaterMarked Customer ID embedded
Compatability: PC & Mac