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Cinders - Incineration & Restoration - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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"The idea rocks, Clean, Simple, Effective and most of all baffling." (Daniel Madison)

A completely impromptu twist on the common tear and restore plot.
A card is selected and signed from a regular or borrowed deck. The card is held at finger tips and a lighter is introduced.
A portion of the card is burnt away, leaving half a card in the magician's hand.
With just a wave, or even a blow the SIGNED card fully restores and is given out as a souvenir.



"...The effect is crystal clear; Card is burned, card is restored. But it's the little things that Dee has added that truly make this effect a showstopper.
The card is signed across it's face. The cards face is towards the audience at all times. As the card burns, the signature is still visible.
The contrast between phases is incredible- the burn is slow and deliberate. the restoration is quick and sudden (though with a bit of tweaking, one could take time with this phase as well- I prefer the contrast.) The effect really DOES look as clean as the blurb describes.
It is a stunning new concept, and one which I'm sure will inspire lots of variation in handling, which Dee has publically encouraged. At a pinch- 9/10
" (Chris Lafferty - Magic Plazza)

"...I highly recommend this to anyone. Dee is a very creative guy and this effect is amazing." (Doug Sewell - Ellusionist)

"...I rate this effect 9/10...he method is very clever though at first I thought it was going to be something different but as I read on I was pleasantly surprised by what was actually happening. It's a clean, quick, simple method and is completely imprompt which makes this a wonderful addition to anyones routine." (David Misner)

"...The ebook is very clear, with clear photos and written instruction. This is one of the coolest Torn or Burnt and Restored Card effects I have ever seen. It is a real worker! If you love effects that destroy cards than I cannot recommend this more highly. Get it tonight!!

"This is a great Idea and a brilliant effect, I cant wait to get burning!" (Daniel Joyce - Theory11)