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Chinese Sticks (Finished wood)

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 The Chinese sticks  is a classic of magic, and this version is perfect for a quick and funny presentation.


In effect, the performer shows two large sticks. Each stick has got a through and through hole at one end; through this hole is running a string. One end of each string ends into a bead, while at the other end is fixed a red tassel. Both the sticks are also hollow.

To begin with, one string is inside the stick, with the tassel appearing close to the hole. The other string with its tassel running outside the stick.

Holding the two sticks in a v-shape in his hand, the magician pulls the tassel appearing close to the hole of a stick outward, the tassel fixed to the other string is pulled back towards the hole inside the second stick and this is repeated and is quite funny for the audience.

Finally holding the two sticks apart, the magician repeats this several times, proving that there is no connection between the two strings. It's a real mystery, as the audience assumes that the strings are connected and they know the secret to the magic trick. When the magician performs the movement without the sticks being connected, they are totally fooled.