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Cesaral Melting Point (New Edition)

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One of the most amazing and visual coin tricks you will ever see. The magician gives a coin and a plate glass surface to be fully examined. The glass is then held by two spectators. The magician tries to open a "magic window" in the center of the surface to enable the coin to pass thru it and in a few seconds it goes through! The coin visually passes right through the solid piece of glass! The coin can even visually penetrate into a spectator’s hand. Your hands are repeatedly shown very clean. At the end, everything can be examined again. This practical miracle is something you will always carry with you.

A bonus included in the instructional disc is "Ghost Coin" in which a coin is balanced on a table or bar and the "shadow" of your fingers causes the coin to start spinning. This and many other amazing effects are possible with Cesaral Melting Point.

Important points:

It can be done initially on an opaque surface, and finally the second time on a plate glass or transparent plastic surface so that everybody can "see" how it works.

Almost any surface can be used including a spectator’s glass coffee table or glass dinner table.

Extremely clean.

Easy, practical, and extremely clever method.

No sleeves.

Can be done with many other coins and objects like candy. (perfect for kids magic!)

No special ring (jewelry) is needed.

The technique can be used to perform other magic miracles.

Works for impromptu, close up, and even stage magic with bigger coins or objects.


"I was fortunate enough to see video clips of the upcoming Cesaral Melting Point trick a few days back. In my opinion, this is one of the best releases I have seen in a LONG time and I see a LOT of magic in my job as purchaser for Murphy's.. The trick itself looks like real magic and the method is VERY cool.

Basically it is a single coin through glass table. It is AMAZINGLY clean and the spectator can place THEIR hand underneath the table to have the single coin visibly fall into it. You can do it on any glass table (coffee table, etc.) or glass door. It doesn't even have to be a glass table although that just adds a whole level of clarity (no pun intended). It is very easy to do.

This is just an exceptional item and once you go through the method you will be delighted. Sometimes methods can be disappointing but not here (similar to how you feel after you see method for signed coin in soda can- the method is as good as the effect).

This is SUPERB and HIGHLY recommended. "

Tim Trono (Posted on Magic Cafe)

"The DVD is outstanding and is actually a CD so it will play on a computer. Ghost Coin is included with written details, Demo and explanation video. The 'Tools of the Trade' that are included are of the best quality. There is a lot more that you could do with this effect using the principles supplied.

Some of the questions answered:
You can use any ring.
You can do this on an opaque surface.
I believe you could do the penetration through the window of a locked car - I haven't tried it but it would make sense.
- The Great Dave (posted on Magic Cafe)

"I have beeen working with Melting Point for about an hour. I just did it for a family member, the most critical, my wife.... She's been watching me do magic for over 35 years now and isn't always the best audience. I'm guessing some of you can relate?? Anyway, after I did melting point... she said, "Now that's amazing"! "
-Bobby K posted on Magic Cafe)