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Cell-Spension - By Justin Miller - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD


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Cell-Spension- A borrowed pen levitates behind a cell-phone!

"Magic with everyday objects is the desire of all magicians, whats more every-day than a cell-phone and a pen?" - Justin Miller

Next time you are out in a casual situation and are asked to perform something what better magic trick can you do than something with items that will be lying around?

Cell-Spension sets up your spectators into believing that you a just pranking them with silly gag but then you turn it around and show them a really strong piece of magic.

After taking a pen (that can be borrowed) and resting it behind your cellphone (or mobile phone in the UK!) you try to convince the spectators that it is stuck to the phone using static electricity. It very soon becomes apparent that you are simply holding the pen to the back of the phone, when asked to move your hand you trick them by moving the opposite hand to hold the edge of the phone which will get you a groan or two! When requested to move the guilty hand you pause for a moment and do exactly that, you move your hand! The spectators can clearly see there is no finger or thumb or explanation for the pen being suspended behind the phone.

It gets better!

The pen starts to move away from the phone levitating behind it slowly moving across to behind your hand! It comes to a rest behind your hand before beginning its journey back to where it came from. Once the levitation ends the pen can be handed out for examination and with a very small amount of work the phone can be too!

The video download teaches you how to make your own gimmick from simple materials that you should have just lying around the house.

There are also BONUS effects on the :

BONUS #1 A GREAT ending or extra phase to crazy man's handcuffs where you re-link the bands, then unlink in a very,very visual and impossible way!
BONUS #2 Unlink a rubber band from a spectator’s BORROWED ring while it is still on  their finger!
BONUS #3 Vanish a spectator’s BORROWED ring while it's trapped in-between two rubber bands, and then reappears in any desired location (except Ohio, trust me there is NOTHING desirable about Ohio)
BONUS #4 Drop-A-Dime, this is SUCH a great trick. Using just a BORROWED and SIGNED dime and two hotel keys a whole lot magic happens in just 2 min.

All 4 BONUS effects are absolutely FREE with the purchase of Cell-Spension.

  • NO thread!
  • NO magnets!
  • NO clear plastic!
  • NO wires
  • NO complicated devices!
  • TOTALLY silent!
  • You can show BOTH SIDES of the phone before and after the effect!



"Man this Cell-Spension looks awesome! Can't wait to learn it. Thanks for putting out such great stuff! The world is a better place with you in it." -Jason Parker-


"Fooled me when you showed me. I did the effect for my girl and she literally grabbed her phone and was awesome! After she dropped the pen multiple times she just threw the pen at me and said **** IT!"

"Incredible!! How do you come up with this stuff? What a labour of love you put into your work. THANKS!!!!!!!!!" -Clarke-

"Just watched the rubber band thru ring ....Superb!!.. def a "Why didn’t I think of that" moment....worth the $15 just for that!!" -Mike-

"Cell- Spension has all the great visuals of a levitation or animation but RETAINS some mystique for the spectators, one of the reasons Card Warp is so intriguing and stood the test of time. I LOVE this kind of magic, thanks JM!!"