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CELL - By David Stone





Cell is a gimmick that allows you to produce a signed card in the battery compartment of YOUR mobile phone.

The "Kennedy Box" (Mystery box) fpr the magicians who don't want to carry a box in their pocket.


You recieve a DVD and gimmick that you put in your mobile phone in a few seconds. The telephone is yours, works and can be used normally.

The rest is less that 1 second and you can use it in pro situations, stand-up and surrounded.




Does Cell look like a tiny cell phone?

 No! Cell is an ultra slim gimmick (less than 1 mm) that you put in your mobile phone's battery compartment


Another kind of virtual trick?

 No! Nothing to do with that kind of tricks using the telephone technology ! The folded card that the audience will see in the telephone is real!


Can I perform the trick stand-up, for example, in the street ?

 Yes! Stand-up, surrounded, without sleeves and at anytime in your performance


Can I always have it ready in my telephone ?

 Yes! Once installed, the gimmick can stay in your telephone. You just need to load it when you decide you want to perform the trick


Does Cell look like the remote control trick or the Kennedy Box?

 No! not at all! Cell rests on an old principle but used in a new way. Using a telephone makes the trick more comfortable for the professional magician


Are there any magnets?

 No! No magnet, no electronic device. You can easily remove the gimmick and put it in your friend's cell phone (or in the cell of your host on TV... Imagine his reaction...) ... but you will need to find a pretext to get it back later !


Is it easy to do?

 Yes! Easy to do if you know how to do a Mercury Fold (described in the DVD included)


Folding a card? The audience can see that !

 No! Because the fold is completely covered by strong misdirections. You will have more time than you need to foldd the card (see the Bonus section)


So, Cell is an original creation?

 Yes! Cell has been created by David Stone in September 2007 and manufactured by Mickael Chatelain and Bonne Nouvelle production. Many great creators and performers such like Gaetan Bloom, Dominique Duvivier, Bernard Bilis, Francis Tabary, Jean-Jacques Sanvert confirmed that they have never seen this principle used in this way before. Cell is a trademark protected in December 2007 by an international patent under the appellation Optical generator Patent  N° 07/ 09126



Technical Questions

Will Cell work in any mobile phone?

 Yes,if you can open easily the battery compartment. The faster you open it, the better the trick will be. If you can open it with one hand, this is even better! Obviously, if your battery is too small to pretend to keep a folded card inside (minimum 3,1 x 4,3 cm), the trick can not work!  In fact, the gimmick can be use in almost any cell phone with a battery compartment including PDA


My battery compartment ... is the battery in there? Will the phone work ?

 Yes! The folded card will be shown under the battery. But, you will need to switch your phone on again after the performance...


My battery is larger than the gimmick and does not have the exact size!

 So what?!! A battery is a battery and looks like nothing particular in general ! A cell phone's battery is designed with a lot of strange inscriptions, logos ...This is why the audience will never ever focus on the battery... but on the folded card that just appears in it!


My battery is smaller than the gimmick

 Ouch! If your battery is just a little bit smaller than3,1x 4,3 cm, you can cut the gimmick to adjust it perfectly. But, remember that Cell should give the illusion that a folded card is in the telephone, meaning, it can not be smaller than a folded card! If your battery is really smaller than these dimensions, don't buy Cell, or use it in another telephone.


Will Cell work with an Iphone?

 No! Because one can not open the battery compartment. But, when you get an Iphone, you don't need to do magic to pick up girls!


The perfect battery type for Cell is the standard battery 3,5 x 5cm


Any kind of telephone with a larger battery will work. Just make sure you can open the battery compartment easily. You will put the gimmick on the battery and even if it does not fit perfectly to its design, the audience will never realize it. Remember that a battery looks like... a battery, meaning : nothing particular !


For any kind of telephone with a battery that is a little bit smaller than 3,1x 4,3 cm , you will need to cut a bit offthe gimmick. If your battery is really smaller than these dimensions, do not buy cell or use it for another cell phone: If your battery is too small to pretend to keep a folded card inside (minimum 3,1 x 4,3 cm), the trick can not work!

The kind of perfect mobile phones for Cell :




"A little gimmick for a big impact" - Sylvain Mirouf

"An idea always ready in your pocket!" - Dominique Duvivier

"Forget your card-in-the-box routine and get your cell phone!" - Francis Tabary