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CCTT (Vol 2) - By Brian Miller - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Cards, Coins, Thoughts & Theories

Volume 2

By Brian Miller


The second installment in the Cards, Coins, Thoughts & Theories series! In this eighteen page ebook you'll find three powerful routines for the real world worker as well as an excellent essay of tips and suggestions on how students should balance schoolwork and magic. The descriptions are accompanied by full color photos as well as video links that will aid the reader in mastering the magic within. The contents are as follows:

  1. Sudden Aces/The Four Card Game - a startling "flash" production of four aces followed by a twisting routine with a fun presentational hook
  2. Lost and Found Coins - part hanging coins, part coins to pocket, part three-coin production
  3. Silenced - an instantaneous card transposition under an intriguing theatrical premise
  4. For The Student Magician - an essay of tips and suggestions for students who are trying to balance schoolwork and magic, as well as tips for how and when to perform for students and teachers






"Very nice ideas!  Even though I usually try to avoid coin hand washing techniques, I must say that yours is clean, natural, and usable.  I also really enjoyed the twisting effect; it has a great punch at the end!" -Victor Trabucco, Professional Magician and Creator


"Brian's magic is just wonderful. The effects are startling and very visual.  It doesn't happen very often that you get full presentational ideas with the tricks.  He quotes his patter and tells you when to use it, so the misdirection works for you.  Advanced hobbyists without much performing experience can learn a bit from it.

What I appreciate the most about Brian's tricks is that they aren't complex.  There are not tons of sleights used to accomplish one uninteresting effect.  That makes it easy for the performer, and the effects appear crystal clear to the spectator. The content is top quality, and the price is great!  Thanks Brian!" -Adrian Keller




Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced

Prerequisites: Working knowledge of sleight of hand with cards and coins

Length/Photos: 18 pages, 29 color photos

Format: PDF (364KB) with embedded customer tracking ID to identify file sharing.