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Castles - by Simon Caine - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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8 new commercial card magic tricks that you'll want to perform all the time, this is Castles

Make a spectator believe their own lie, impossibly know how many playing cards will be removed from a dec of cards,  and cause two audience members to read each others minds. Castles by Simon Caine is the first book of card magic tricks from professional magician Simon Caine.
In this ebook, you will be taught 8 amazing, practical pieces of card magic, and a range of techniques so devious that they will immediately make it into yourworking material. These are professional card magic tricks that are easy to perform but designed for real world working magicians.
The Castle Sleights // A false cut, force, peek and displacement that all look identical. You can't tell them apart?
Dr Daly's Last Meal // An impromptu sandwich card trick that stands on the shoulders of the Doctor.
Dark Room // A there and back again colour change deck trick for two. Just what colour was the deck again?
Polygraph // A thought of card makes the spectator to question if they are lying or telling the truth. Magic with a touch of  psychology.
Resolution // A three playing card triumph trick with a perfect ending. A must for multiple revelation routines.
Black Out // The Ten-Card Poker Deal meets Blackjack, Easy to do. Impromptu, and you win every time.
Weightlifter // The magician shows just how easily he or she can influence, correctly working out exactly the number cards a spectator removes from the deck.
Box Cutter // This is Simon's go to "show us a trick" item. The easiest transposition trick you will ever perform. Two completely freely chosen playing cards (can be signed!), one lost in the centre of the deck, one in the card box. They swap places. No one really knows when it happens though...
Mimic // A hands off miracle. Two spectators are given a set of 13 cards, and behind their backs, some how manage to find the only two matching cards. No equivoque, 100% hands off, dozens of applications, it'll fool you!