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Cascade Control by Dan Hoang - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Introducing Charlie Miller's Cascade Control - Revamped!

Originally featured in Card Finesse II, Charlie Miller's Cascade Control is a mesmerizing card manipulation that highlights a performer's card-handling finesse. Executed seamlessly while gracefully airing out the deck, it secretly elevates a chosen card from the middle to the top of the deck, all while keeping spectators engrossed.

While the original method has its merits, it also presents a few challenges: Difficulty maintaining a secure grip on the selected card, occasionally leading to control loss. A noticeable "V" gap between the chosen card and the deck, risking exposure. In my updated take on Charlie Miller's Cascade Control, I've addressed these issues.

In this tutorial, you'll discover:A refined, effortless approach to executing the cascade flourish. Enhanced techniques for positioning the selected card, ensuring superior control. Valuable tips to minimize the gap, rendering your control virtually invisible. As a bonus, you'll gain insight into my innovative applications of the Charlie Miller Cascade Control, including:
  • Achieving a second-to-top control.
  • Performing ACCAN.
  • Executing a captivating color change/transposition.
  • Enchanting your audience with a visual sandwich effect.