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The Cards Will Back You Up - By Erivan Vazquez


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With The cards will back you up, will be able to read your spectator's mind and also to see through the cards just as if you had X-Ray eyes.


  • You never know the spectator's card
  • You never look at the faces of the cards after the selection has been made
  • Self-working
  • Works every time without failing

EFFECT: You show a well shuffled deck of cards, but just to make sure that there is not any type of arrangement, both you and your spectator shuffle it more. He gets half of the deck and you take the other half. When everyone is satisfied that the deck is really mixed, the deck is assembled. You now ask your spectator to cut the deck into three about equal piles. He takes one portion while the other two thirds are put together and set aside. Then, your spectator shuffles his packet or he can simply cut it just as many times as he wishes (it's up to him) and as soon as he is done shuffling (or cutting), he looks at the bottom card of his packet and remembers it. Next, he places his packet on top of the remaining of the deck and squares it. Finally he shuffles one more time and makes one last cut.

After he is done with all this procedure, you, without asking any question and without even looking at the faces of the cards, proceed to read his mind and with the cards spread face down on the table you pull out the correct card without failing.

10 pages PDF Ebook