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Cardexx by Alan Rorrison - VIDEO INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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An impossible Card To Wallet effect with a simple Kleenex pack! Incredible magic with an everyday, ordinary object that everyone will recognize.

The amazing part: you show your hand EMPTY when you reach inside your pocket for the Kleenex pack -- nevertheless, the card still ends up inside the box of Kleenex! Looks great!



This is a fun utility that you can have on you at all times. In the basic routine you will be able to have a card freely selected and signed and then lost back into the pack.



You tell your spectator that you will make the card rise to the top of the deck but when you turn over the top card it is incorrect. You try again and of course you fail again but do not worry, you keep a back up in your pocket.

You cleanly and fairly put your empty hand into your jacket/jeans pocket and take out a packet of tissues which you can instantly pull the signed card out of.

This is a simple and fun way to do a card to wallet style effect without spending all your money on an expensive wallet to do so. This gimmick will cost you less than £2 to make and it is super organic.


P.S. You do not need to palm to do this effect.

With a little thought I am sure you will discover that you can also use this fun little gimmick as a nice organic peek wallet too.

The Tutorial is a little under a half hour long and you will learn how to make the gimmick, how to do a basic card control and how to use the gimmick etc.. I also briefly go over the Mercury Card Fold for you too, just in case you want to pull the card out folded from the Cardexx gimmick.

Just keep in mind I tend to use the non folded no palming method.