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The Card Activist - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Auto Hue 

A hands off routine that packs a punch! Two selections are made from a deck of cards, the magicians is not touching the cards and does not influence this process. The first revelation is that the deck is shown to have separated into red cards and black cards. The two cards that were selected then appear within the section of cards of opposite colour. Again this happens in the spectator's hands and you do not touch the deck.

Not Wrong

This is a routine that demonstrates both skill and magic. Upon cutting the deck a few times you show you have cut off a quarter of the deck and the Ace of Hearts is shown to be on top of the pile. After a couple more cuts you reveal the top card of another quarter of the deck to be the Two of Hearts, once again you place this pile aside and make a few more cuts. The third quarter is cut from the deck and you show you have now cut to the Three of Hearts, this pile is left beside the other two. You cut the final quarter of the deck and show the top card, however, instead of the Four of Hearts, you show you have cut to the Ace of Spades. Upon realising your mistake, you make a magical gesture and show the top cards of the first three piles are now the Two, Three and Four of Spades.

Stretch & Catch 

A spectator freely selects a card and this is lost back into the deck. You show the Joker and insert it into the outer end of the deck, leaving it outjogged slightly. You state that the Joker is a shape-shifter and will find the chosen card. First, you pull on the Joker and it visibly stretches to twice its length. Then you say that it will now split/sever itself in half — at that, the Joker reverts to normal size. When you spread the deck the two Jokers are seen face up in the middle with one face down card between them. This proves to be the selection.
Ace CutterA few simple cuts produce the four Aces.

Flash Triumph 

You cut a deck in two halves — turn one half over, and then Riffle Shuffle the halves together. A spectator cuts the deck, looks at the card he cut to, and leaves his card in the middle. Without any further cuts or adjustments, you pick up the deck and instantly cause all the cards to appear face up. A wide fan reveals that only one card remains face down. This is the selection.

Careless Whispers 

A spectator removes any four of a kind and gives these four cards to you. They might be the Kings. Now, with the deck still in his grasp, he selects any card, ensuring that you never see its face. You hold the Kings and invite the spectator to slide his card among them. Instantly, his card becomes invisible. You hold the invisible card up and correctly name it. You offer to perform another trick using the Kings. You ask the spectator to take the main deck and cut it into two halves — one for you and one for him. You now show the red Kings and place them on top of his half, then you show the black Kings and drop them on top of your half. Immediate, you turn over your top two cards revealing that you now have his two red Kings. “If I have the red Kings … what do you have?” you ask. “The black Kings of course,” he might say. But no, on top of his half he now finds his selection, perfectly visible again!


You remove the Joker from the deck, then a spectator selects a card and it is lost back into the deck. You say you will demonstrate the powers of the Joker. You remove three easily remembered cards, such as the Ace, Two and Three of Clubs. You add the Joker to the packet and it changes into each of the three cards, one by one. Finally, the selection is named, and the Joker reveals the card in a completely unexpected manner.

Task Force 

An easy way to force a card as you spread the deck from hand to hand. 

Task Force Finders

Two cards are selected; one face up (seen) and the other face down (unseen). Taking the “seen” card, you spell its name. It might be the 2C, so you would spell: T-W-O O-F CL-U-B-S, forming a separate pile for each word. You turn over the top card of each pile to reveal three Jacks. When you turn over the face down card (unseen) it proves to the fourth Jack.

Auto Sandwich

You remove the two black Jacks and then a spectator selects any card and signs his name across its face. The signed card is cleanly placed reversed between the two Jacks. The spectator can do this if you wish. After showing/emphasizing the position of the cards, you place the three-card sandwich on the spectator’s outstretched palm. You ask the spectator if they felt anything happen? Regardless of what they say, you ask then to spread the cards and turn over the middle card. Instead of their selection, they find a card with a message written on it. You ask the spectator to read it aloud: “MY CARD IS IN YOUR POCKET.” “Really?” you utter. Then with a look of puzzlement you reach into your pocket and bring out the signed card.

Basement Jaxx 

The Four Jacks are placed at the bottom of the deck. Three cards are selected and these are placed face up on top of the deck. The three selections instantly vanish and are found interlaced between the four Jacks at the bottom of the deck. An invisible card (phantom card) is tossed into the deck and finishes between two previously selected cards. And, the performer hardly touches the deck throughout.

Double Agents 

The four Kings are used to identify and capture images of two selected cards. Finally, you say, “Now that I know what your cards look like, I think I should be able to find them myself …” And this you do by making one selection instantly appear face up on top of the deck, while the other selection is produced from your pocket. 


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You bring out a diary - a packet of printed cards - a Special Chart - and a sealed envelope. 

The envelope is placed in full view as a prediction. You never touch it again The diary is filled with female first names. These, you say are all the clairvoyants you know - a different one for each day of the year (you’re very superstitious!). A spectator opens the diary at ANY date he wishes.

You give spectator B the packet of cards - each card has a numbered list of female first names. He now thinks of ANY number and selects a card and notes the name at his number. It might be EMMA. It could be any one out of a whole load of others.

Both spectators announce their freely selected name - “EMMA!”....and?... “EMMA!” A miracle and it’s different every time. But there’s more....

You now draw attention to the envelope that you placed aside at the beginning. A spectator takes the Special Chart (this contains over 100 female names BOTH SIDES each with a playing card assigned to it) and looks for the name EMMA. Beside EMMA he might find the Jack of Spades.

Now, remember the free choice of the name? - yet when the spectator opens the envelope he finds that this is the very card you predicted .... the JACK OF Spades!