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C.U.R.E.D. = Complete Unconscious Reprogramming of Emotional Disease & Distress Professional Diploma Course by JONATHAN ROYLE - MIXED MEDIA DOWNLOAD


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This is a complete diploma course professional certification download home study package in Jonathan Royle's Mind Therapy Treatment approach of Complete Unconscious Reprogramming of Emotional Disease & Distress = C.U.R.E.D. for short.

Over the years, Royle has studied and/or gained qualifications in numerous hypnotherapy related techniques such as Martin Blake's OldPain2Go, Bob Burns The Swan, Martin Rothery's S.T.E.P.S, Future House Therapy's P.A.I.N. - F.R.E.E., Pradeep Aggarwal's Parts Ideo Motor Response Therapy and Future House's Mind Mediation to mention just a few.

For the record, it was Royle who devised the names of S.T.E.P.S = Subconsciously Therapeutic Elimination of Pain Signals &/or Symptoms and also P.A.I.N. - F.R.E.E. = Pendulum Assisted Internal Negotiation Fast Release Entrapped Emotions/Energy, names which he created for Future House Therapy Center in his role as their independent hypnotic expert consultant.

Further for the record, Royle was (as illustrated by proof within this download package) consulted by Bob Burns, the creator of The Swan, for help and advice on successfully bringing his technique to the marketplace. Within Royle's C.U.R.E.D. training package, the truth of what "The Swan" is and how it truly works is discussed.

All of these techniques just mentioned enable you to gain direct communication with the client's unconscious or subconscious mind, even without the need for any formal hypnotic induction process.

Some, such as OldPain2Go, are marketed as being specifically for pain elimination, whereas Future House's Mind Mediation shows you how to use the technique to treat clients successfully with most every issue you could possibly imagine from A through to Z.

Most of these approaches have their roots firmly in the NLP technique known as the Six Step Reframe, which later was renamed as N Step.

All of them involve direct communication and negotiation with the client's unconscious or subconscious mind. Indeed, Royle's approach of Complete Unconscious Reprogramming of Emotional Disease & Distress = C.U.R.E.D. is no exception.

By way of a photo illustrated training manual accompanied by access to training videos and audio MP3's, you will learn how to gain direct access and interaction with the client's unconscious or subconscious mind, both with and also without the need for a formal hypnotic induction.

Ways to use the techniques fully in the conscious waking state are included, as are those that involve a prior hypnotic induction process.

You will discover also how to use a pendulum effectively when giving public group demonstrations and also for one-to-one sessions.

Master the art of Ideo Motor Response via the client's fingers, head, whole body or via "direct voice", and you will have an extremely powerful therapeutic tool at your disposal.

This tool will enable you to successfully help treat most any person with most any issue from A through to Z.

Through a combination of video, audio and written training materials and resources, you will soon be able to master this extremely powerful therapy modality. Thus, you will gain access (at no extra cost) to your professional diplomas and certification in "C.U.R.E.D."

You will also gain access to various professionally designed logos, which you can use in your advertising to show that you are a licensed practitioner of C.U.R.E.D.

This is a stand-alone therapy approach and technique which will enable you to change positively the lives of most people who come to you with whatever habit, addictions, fears, phobias, pain or other issues they may have from A through to Z.

However, combine this with studying and gaining your qualification in Royle's "Complete Mind Therapy" and you will then be better equipped than the vast majority of hypnotherapists in the world who were not taught by Royle.