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By Proxy - By Alan Rorrison - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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How would you like to have an out for practically any of your magic effects? Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? Well By Proxy is pretty much too good to be true! Alan has taken an everyday object, your iPhone and turned it into a utility device that can not only help you out of a sticky situation but it can also help you perform loads of great effects, any card at any number effects, prediction effects and more...

By Proxy allows you to:

  • An ACAAN with NO memorization and minimal work.
  • Predict the pocket change of your spectator.
  • Have your iPhone be your out for practically ANY card or mentalism effect.
  • Let your iPhone predict what soda/drink some one is thinking off.
  • Predict someone's star sign/birth month.
  • Do a book/newspaper test.

These routines are examples of what is possible with By Proxy but it really is limited by your imagination, really, we are not joking! By Proxy opens a whole new world which is possible to completely tailor to YOU! This is the sneakiest and most devious use of your iPhone we think we have ever seen!

These claims are not only bold but they are true! However, there are some restrictions though so it is only fair to tell all what these restrictions are now:

  • You will need an iPhone.
  • the iPhone will need to be jailbroken.

This PDF download is 16 pages long and is jam packed with all the information you need to know to perform By Proxy and the miracles it opens up with your iPhone.

With the ACAAN effect for example, you allow the spectator to shuffle the deck of cards, these are then placed back in the box. Your spectator then names ANY CARD and your iPhone tells them where it is in the deck, it is as simple and direct as that! The cool thing is that your spectators do some of the work without even realising it!!

16 Page PDF - Compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad