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Burning Angel - By John Rivav - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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You show a pack of cards, shuffle it and ask two spectators to select each one a card. One of the cards is signed, lost in the pack and put the pack inside the card box. You give the card case to the spectator to hold. The second card is in the spectators hand all time. The magician explains that both cards are twin souls and everything that happens to one card will happen to the other. The magician asks for the card that the spectator holds and shows a lighter. The magician proceeds to burn the back of the card, specifically one of the angels on the bike. If everything works as planned inside the card case that is held by a spectator should be a burned card. When the card are removed from the case he finds a card with a burned angel, when it's turned over it is the same card he freely selected. The magician did not have contact with the card. A stunning way to reveal a signed card.



'Ok, this is my Review of Burning Angel!!

This is an 8 Page PDF with full color images.

Difficulty: Easy
Practice Time: About 15 min
Examinable: Yes "Both Cards" Before & After.

Important Points.

1-Easy to perform!
2-The Angel really burning!
3-Both cards are examinable before & after.
4-Recycle your used cards and can make your own gimmicks!
5-Both cards can be signed by the spectator.
6-The spectator can keep the cards as souvenir!

I loved this card trick, no complicated moves. It's an excellent way to reveal a signed card. I execute this card trick 6 times in my restaurant magic and nobody has detected the gimmick.' - Barrys (MagicCafe)


'This is an excellent effect! The set up & handling is pretty simple, I set it up & practiced it a bit before trying it out. My first time out, I got a WTF?' - Mike Ichazod 



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