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Don Theo III writes: 'Well, after much longer than I had anticipated, my second book is now done and available. My first book Teardrop was well received even though it came in right at 20 pages.

Broken is much more polished and filled with much more material. It comes in at 91 pages.  Why is it priced so low? There's a lot of ebooks out there these days. A lot more than there were two years ago when I released Teardrop. More importantly, since then we have gone through a horrible time economically. I'm certainly not writing and releasing this book to get rich. The purpose is to give back to a very generous community. I hope you enjoy Broken.

Here is a quote from Mick Ayres about the book. I'll add more quotes to this page as they come in. And if you have something nice to say about the book after reading it, then please feel free to send me your thoughts via a The Merchant of Magic Review'.


"Most mentalists know Don Theo knocked it out of the ballpark with his introductory book 'Teardrop'. However, Theo's 'Broken' makes his first treatise now seem like a bunt. 'Broken' is a beautiful, artistic work that forces the actor in each mentalist to rise to the surface and make some very necessary waves within our art."--Mick Ayres

"Broken is an excellently written collection of powerful mental routines that I am sure will find a place in the repertoires of many. Don Theo has obviously put a good deal of thought into the development of practical material and I highly recommend this wonderful book."--Bob Cassidy

"Don has created a series of effects that will have a big impact on your thinking and performance. His ability to notice the invisible details that make the moment what it is constantly impresses me, and his presentations are full of depth, connection with the participant and meaning. If you are an experienced performer you will enjoy the thinking, the writing, and you will surely be inspired one way or another. For the less experienced performer, prepare to have your mind blown, fried, toasted, then re-fried and thrown on a grill. You will learn so much from this. Especially from the last piece, 'Zoran: Zentalism', which is quite frankly, a work of genius. This is wonderful, and Don's personality shines throughout. It has made me want to start creating new pieces again, which is really saying something. But I still don't see why he has given up skateboarding..."--Thom Bleasdale

This is the launching point of the journey. Don fuses the essence of powerful theatre with mystery entertainment to open your eyes and ears to a new way to approach your performances.

The star of the show, this jawdropping three phase routine has been blowing minds for a couple of years now in performances by Don and some of his closest friends. The routine culminates in a moment that will have your guests looking for the time machine they must have just been thrust from.

Several people key in random numbers and total them on a borrowed cell phone calculator. Another guest selects a time at random. For example, the total of the freely selected numbers is 1,149. The randomly selected time is 11:49.

Phantom Phone
Your guest freely thinks of a word. After failing to get the word, your cell phone, which has been sitting on the table the entire time, starts to ring. The guest is told that the call is probably for him/her. When they pick it up, the caller ID reveals the word they were merely thinking of.

Inspiring tales of amazing happenstances from the trenches and how you can use that knowledge to create reputation making moments.

Primo Wishin'
A no gimmick, real deck, amazingly clean approach to the Premonition effect.

A routine using any deck at any time, shuffled freely by a guest. A variation on the ACAAN effect that will also guide your audience on an emotional journey through time.

Speed Trap
A big secret. This is a treatise on how to make almost any effect live much stronger forever in the minds of your audience.

For the sake of full disclosure, this is a half-way "Performance Only" piece but it is included to inspire you in structuring your effects. Though is it mostly "Performance Only" many readers will have the resources already to perform the effect just as explained.

Zoran: Zentalist
A charming parable sneaks up on you by teaching you how to perform an otherworldly effect. Possibly more important than anything else in the book.





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Magic Tricks Difficulty level 1 (Basic sleights/self working)

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