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BrainPlay by Bazz Fazackerley - Mentalism eBook


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 BrainPlay: How to Read Someone's Mind With 100% Accuracy

During your favourite word revelation routine you ask your spectator to think of a letter in their word and you are able to name the very letter that they are thinking of (a seemingly free choice) with 100% accuracy. Or you take advantage from knowing the thought of letter(s) and gain some incredible extra hits and even an insane prediction or drawing duplication.

"Having just read through this I must say I'm highly impressed. In my humble opinion Bazz has taken a concept of Banachek's and made it sure fire.
Dare I even say that he has improved it considerably. This is right up my street and I will be using it for sure.
Highly recommended from me!" - Michael Murray

"Im very impressed with it, you did a great job." - Luca Volpe

"Realy enjoyed it mate, particularly liked the drawing duplication application." - Karl Scott

"I loved it. Inspired a whole load of new ideas for me and I learnt some great approaches to this great concept.

When I read the blurb for this and it said it was 100% I doubted it but it really is. Recommended from me too." - Jamie Badman

"I like it!" - Daniel Meadows


This manuscript is for the intermediate to advanced performer. It is therefore assumed that you have prior knowledge about gaining secret information.