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"If you are seeking some solid, direct card effects that are worth practicing, then this DVD is well worth checking out!" - Magic Magazine Product Review

Welcome to Bold!

Bold is a collection of 'off the wall' effects by UK magician Rus Andrews. Rus works 'day in day out' in bars and nightclubs, so he has developed a repertoire of working routines that pack a punch and are very simple to understand and follow. This isn't to say that he has compromised on the tricks, in fact the effects are stronger, with no fluff needed to pad them out. Each of the routines has been designed to give the impact required to completely frealout everyone, but with a direct and easy to follow plot. They are perfect for noisy, dark and less than ideal performing situations.

Each effect is clearly taught, something that is very easy in this case as the routines are so direct you will be doing face up Oil and Water routines and pulling thought of cards out of spectator's shoes in no time! So if you like strong, direct magic that isn't knuckle busting at all then this is the DVD for you.





A thought of card plot which results in the thought of card being found inside the SPECTATOR'S SHOE!!


An insane, visual effect where the pip of a card is dragged off to turn it into the spectator's selection, this happens right in front of their face leaving them no explanation.


 This is Rus' take on the classic Doc Daley effect. Rus' version adds an extra convincer to give you more time so you can relax a bit more during the performance. The added convincer also makes the transposition much more impossible.


A face up Oil and Water routine that is impromptu (that is right, no gaffed cards!) and happens all in the spectator's hands. Devastating!


This is the most BOLD routine on the DVD! A Joker that is placed on the spectator's hand changes into their selection. The Joker however is found tucked neatly under the spectator's collar!!


This is Rus' working repertoire that he has kept close to his chest for a while now. These techniques and routines have their place in so many magicians' sets, whether you are close up or a parlour worker, a street magician or just performing for friends in bars and social gatherings there is something you will find and use in BOLD!


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'It's great stuff. I particularly liked OIL SLICK. I'll be USING this.' - Ben Harris

'Sometimes BOLD effects are the most fun for the performer! OIL SLICK looks incredibly clean.' - Jamie Daws


'On the Bold DVD -  Oil Slick is amazing!!' Andrew Loh

'Oil Slick is a very clear Oil and Water that appears extremely innocent and open - which is everything you need with this kind of routine. - Jamie Badman
'I was so pleased to finally get my hands on Rus Andrews' DVD - Bold. It is a collection of card effects from Rus' working repertoire, I was excited when I first read the descriptions of the effects and they do not disappoint at all. Overall the DVD is excellent, I think I will be adding all 5 tricks to my arsenal of effects - all of it is solid, hard-hitting worker's material and you'd be a fool not to pick this DVD up.

Rus and Ben Williams have taught the effects and sleights well and they had be laughing quite a bit throughout which is always a nice bonus.

I recommend this to anyone that likes Cool Card effects, that are simple yet and practical. - Card-Chaos Review
'If you are not familiar with Rus he is an amazing English Magician putting out some of the most original new ideas available.

The Bold DVD has 5 card effects that are really original and WILL make an impact on the spectator. Collared ends with a card in an impossible location. Oil SLick is brilliant. This is a 2 phase Oil and Water, the first phase happens face down and the second pahase is done face up---in the specatators own hands!!! There is a thought of card to shoe (yes to the specatoars shoe). There is an impromptu card change and also the Daley Transpo which is worth the price of the DVD alone.

The teaching on the DVD is first rate and Rus actually adds more than just the mechanics on to perform each effect. This DVD does not disappoint and I highly recommend it.'


Brehaut - Theory 11 Review