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Blinking Effect by Jean-Luc Bertrand - DVD



BLiNKiNG EFFECT Written and Directed by JeanLuc Bertrand

"The Real Secret is not how does it Work, but why does it work!"


A full Magic Set for close up magicians.. Blinking Effect teaches you eight easy to perform, professional quality fully crafted magic tricks, that are perfect for walk-around and table magic conditions. 


Jean Luc Bertrand is one of the most respected magicians in France. His work with David Stone has, over the years, given him a first class reputation for releasing only the very best, useable magic tricks and training DVD's. His DVD's are not your average magic tuition format, that have great content, but low production values. When Jean-Luc decides something is good enough to put his name to it, he does not hold back. Each of his past releases have been polished, well thought out creations with an attention to detail not found in other magic DVDs.  Blinking Effect carries on this tradition.

 For some time now, The Merchant of Magic has been keeping an eye on the progress of this DVD. We loved the principle behind the effects, and knew right away, that this was 'gold dust' for magicians who perform for the public. When we heard that Jean -Luc would be directing the project, we were even more excited!  Now the fished product is here... It's even better than we expected! 



BLINKING EFFECT IS A DOUBLE DVD & GIMMICK - Giving you over 168 minutes of expert tuition to make performing these magic tricks, super easy.


8 complete magic tricks are taught, using a range of themes, so you have a whole actt, ready to go! (cards, rose, mentalism, misdirection, cigarette, ring and more)
  • 35 minutes Live Demo showing you exactly how to present the effect, the lines, the tips and the timing.
  • 75 minutes Explanation and Theory As with all Jean-Luc releases, nothing is skipped over. You get full training.
  • 1 hour of extra material


Languages : The DVD iincludes France and English
Subtitles : English - French